The quality Overwatch boosting service you all deserve is here! Check out our new game addition!

The quality Overwatch boosting service you all deserve is here! Check out our new game addition!


The quality Overwatch boosting service you all deserve is here! Check out our new game addition!

May 13 , 2016


Our organization has already proven to be the top online boosting service for Heroes of the Storm. We have decided to step up our game and bring another well known name to our platform - Overwatch!

We are thrilled to announce that our site has released it's new Overwatch boosting section. Here you can find anything that you would like related to climbing the official Overwatch ranked ladder up to Heroic, Leveling service, Duo queue boosting and the best Coaching service there is.

Myboosting excels when the competition arises. We intend not only to keep our Overwatch customers satisfied, we will surpass even their wildest expectations. If you are yet to test our service our team wants to assure you that your account is in safe hands. We have completed four-digit boosting orders and the number continues to grow. Our words in that regard can only be outmatched by our performance in game. We intend to improve on a daily basis so that we can meet the criteria of a world class Overwatch boosting service. We stand behind our words and even in the unlikely cases where we don't perform to your expectations we shall compensate appropriately.

We are currently assembling our Overwatch boosters and coaches squad and we already have recruited a few of the highest ranked players in the game. The search for professional players continues at the moment, so if you are a talented player looking for a great way to make profit out of your passion feel free to apply for job with us and if you match our requirements you can become a part of our organization.

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As we said we are always looking to improve. What better way to do that then to expand our reach. Overwatch is an amazing game that has already caught the attention of many big esports names, organizations and a number of well known names from other games are beginning to fight their way towards the top spots in the game.

Overwatch is the newest Blizzard game. It's a futuristic first person shooter, bringing diversity from other games in this genre in many ways. Ovw gives you the chance to adjust to the game both by the vast champion pool it has and maps and modes that are played. Knowing the company behind the name only bright things are ahead. The game is expected to be released on 24th May 2016 and in order to play it you need to buy the game first, but we assure you that every cent is worth it! It's one of a kind world class online game that you shouldn't miss out on playing.

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We are following the changes of the game daily and we are prepared to launch additional services if the game allows it. So far we are sticking to what we know and that is:

- Overwatch rank (competitive) boosting - A service that will get you from your current rank to wherever you wish to be in the official competitive ladder (Including Heroic boosts). We are confident that we can provide the speed and quality to satisfy even the most demanding customers. For this service a booster from our squad will log in your Overwatch account and play until he reaches the desired spot.

- Overwatch Duo queue games boost - You want to get a taste of how the pros play ? No problem! In addition to that you will climb the ladder your self by playing with some of the world's best players competing alongside you in your matches. Simply select how many games you want to play and leave the rest to us! High winrate is always guaranteed! We do not require any account information for this service so there is literary nothing you should worry about :)

- Overwatch Duo queue rank boost - Much like the DuoQ games boost. The difference here is that you have the sure thing! You want to reach the highest Leagues and Divisions - you got it! You can even choose how many boosters you want to play with - simple and clean!

- Overwatch win boost - You need a specific amount of wins over losses or you want to test our service with a smaller order! Win boost is just for you! Each loss counts as minus 1 from the total amount selected. Final result - 100% guaranteed!

- Overwatch Leveling - you want to get higher levels to meet better players or just want to harvest a few additional loot boxes? You need to match the criteria for playing Competitive mode? Our Overwatch leveling service will do just that! 100% handmade, 100% secure and fast!

- Overwatch Coaching - This is a really vast topic that we can talk about for hours. In short if you are the type of player that wants to improve and wants to learn the ways of the professionals the coaching sessions with our guys can give you the knowledge to beat the competition with ease. Each session is constructed so that it can best fit our clients. Finding the weak spots, working on team coordination, exploring strategies, game flow and some pro tricks as well as mastering specific champion or role is just a portion of what a single Overwatch coaching session can do for you. A few hours with our guys will show results immediately!

Expect a lot of promotion packs related to these services!

Keep track of our Overwatch hero tier list and Overwatch champion guides for some free pro tips!

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Regards, - The quality Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch boosting service!