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November 29 , 2015


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Raynor is an extremely versatile and good all around hero. He is good in 1v1's, Team fights and even as a laning champion. Raynor does have some weaknesses. He does not have a good escape ability such as Vault or Blink and is considered squishy to other heroes, however he has a couple abilities to help him escape and survive such as the Give Me More! + Penetrating Round combo. Depending on your build Raynor can either dish out a whole lot of hero damage or take down forts like they were nothing, this makes Raynor and extremely good hero and one of the favourites among our HotS boost team.

Skills & Build

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Give Me More! is the general pick amongst our heroes of the storm boosters, because of the meta there are a lot more heroes capable of closing the distance and finishing you off easily, therefore Raynor now needs an increased amount of survivability and heal (Which Give Me More! provides).

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For the second ability our hots boosting team pick Focused Attack as it gives you sudden burst damage and may be the difference between securing a kill and not. This ability is also useful as Raynor now has plenty of buffs to his fire rate. The choice becomes even easier as the other three abilities are just trash.

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Revolution Overdrive is the best choice in this scenario, as Raynor has pitiful escapes. Revolution Overdrive helps with that by increasing movement speed allowing Raynor to escape more easily. An added benefit of Revolution Overdrive is that he gains even more movement speed when allies are around helping him in team fights and during the laning phase (if he is not soloing a lane) as it allows Raynor to stay behind the tanks and provide a barrage of firepower more easily by escaping enemies chasing him. This being said Revolution Overdrive also works if Raynor is alone, but the speed increase is not as large. All in all this ability helps Raynor exploit his ranged attacks as well as giving him an escape he desperately needs.

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Raynor's Raiders is considered the better ulti for Raynor as this ultimate amongst our heroes of the storm boost team. It can chase down fleeing enemy heroes and target them even after your death, countless times I have gotten kills that I would not have if it weren't for this ability. Hyperion can also chase down fleeing enemy heroes however it is slower and has a target circle allowing the enemy to get away before you kill him/her. The Hyperion also has another flaw as it only targets random enemies and not specific ones which is not really suitable in an assassin build. Hyperion would be better off in a lane build.

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Giant Killer is a great ability for a assassin build as it provides a damage increase for 1.5% of the enemies health. This is a lot especially with the current meta being heavily populated by warriors. The other abilities are Ok however Giant Killer is the best in this case. Our heroes of the storm boosters don't recommend swapping this ability for another in the auto-attack build.

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Due to the change in the meta game Berserk is not as useful as it once was, my new talent of choice for this tier would be Bullseye. Although Bullseye no longer increases all damage dealt on a hero, it is an extremely important tool for helping Raynor stay alive and get kills. Before the new heroes (Kael'thas, Kharazim, The Butcher and Johanna) were released Raynor did not have as many threats that could close the distance quickly or pull Raynor towards them quickly, but now due to the addition of these new heroes Berserk + Revolution Overdrive no longer helps as much as it once did. Bullseye is kind of like a two way talent. It can be used on the offensive as well as on the defensive. Bulleye can help keep enemies that close the distance quickly away by stunning them (allowing you to get away) or it can be used when you and your team are chasing down an enemy to secure the kill. Therefore Bullseye is too important of a tool not to have.

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Nexus Frenzy is the best ability because it gives Raynor another attack rate buff (permanently and passively) which increases his DPS even more. Amongst our HotS boost team there has been a lot of debates if Nexus Frenzy is better than Bolt of the storm. We came to the conclusion that, generally it is, as bolt of the storm only provides additional mobility, but the damage increase is just too important. Also the 20% extra range keeps Raynor safer than usual.



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