Ready for Heroes of the Storm season 1?

Ready for Heroes of the Storm season 1?

Heroes of The Storm

Ready for Heroes of the Storm season 1?

June 13 , 2016


There are only a few more hours to get your End of season rewards. Bring your A game guys - fingers crossed. Our HotS boosting service is now closed for orders for anything larger than 3-4 ranks.

With less then 48 hours till the beginning of the first official ranked season they hype is getting bigger and bigger. As we have previously mentioned there will be a new revamped ranked system which will be structured by Tiers and Divisions. Exciting times are ahead for all the players that stayed true to the game. We are expecting many newcomers in the first season as well as people returning to the game. The weak links of the game will hopefully be fixed with the introduction of the new ranking system and the improved matchmaking.

Myboosting was waiting for this moment to arrive for a long time, same as many other. We are better then ever and ready to face the upcoming challenges. We have a stable boosters squad that can easily perform even Grand Master boosting (Myboosting executes HotS boosts from any to any division ). We have also launched a number of Promotion packs that will allow a wider range of players to test the quality of our Heroes of the Storm boosting service for season 1!

Our new pricing list will be live within the next few hours so you can check whatever you like!

Check out our Season 1 placement games boost promo pack and the other options that we offer which include a guaranteed boost to Diamond 5, to Master and to Grandmaster. No excuses will be made on our side to complete any order. It's time for you to choose :)

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I am quite confident when saying that there will be no other company or freelancer that will perform on the same level as us. We take our job extremely seriously. We select only the best players and test them on a number of occasion before trusting them with your accounts. If we ever fail to meet the criteria for performance we will compensate you appropriately. We are genuine, we are good at what we do and we make things happen with hard work and dedication. Everything you can see in our site has been created, tested and put into use by us. We do not steal ideas, we do not mimic the rest. Most importantly we work and perform on the most professional level you can find anywhere on the market.

When it comes to Season 1 we intend to improve even more. We have some big ideas on how to make our website even more welcoming to it’s visitors and the ones that are using our service. Myboosting will be making some changes to it’s Members area, new features will be included to our HotS boosting services and our boosting squad will grow bigger and better.

We think it is clear for all that have tried us in the past that we are simply the best on the market at the moment. We intend to keep things that way! We've finished every order much faster than any other service would (if they even intended to). We also salute our competitors with their tries to reach us and for the hard work they did copying. Sadly that won’t help them fix what is already broken. Lowering the prices only mirrors the respect and trust they have towards their own service.

So if you are wondering where to go for your HotS Season 1 division boost or duo queue order we guarantee that we are the best place for you. We won’t be mad if you go to our competition, in fact we encourage you to do so. That way you will see the difference level that I talked about above. Our doors will be wide open once you decide to go for the quality organization!

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Regards, – The quality Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch boosting service!