Real Royale Rank boosting services. Get to the division you desire

Real Royale Rank boosting services. Get to the division you desire


Real Royale Rank boosting services. Get to the division you desire

June 14 , 2018


A new gaming phenomenon might be arising. The game Realm Royale was launched just 9 days ago and is attracting the attention of gamers from around the globe. It originates from the game Paladins and is having astonishing results so far. Amazing player base for a game that was just released. Twitch viewers are certainly liking what they see and numbers are growing rapidly.

The game certainly looks promising, but only the future will tell if it will have massive success or not. There are multiple bugs and visual defects at the current state, but that is understandable. The developers will be working for months more to make the flawless gaming experience occur. Another thing that will certainly be improved is the cosmetics (skins) of the game. Currently there is little to non cosmetics in the game.

One specific that is worth mentioning that Realm Royale came out with a Ranking system from the very beginning. We are used to this Division and Tiers system in many games.

Bronze > Silver > Gold > Platinum > Diamond > Master > Grandmaster
Each tier from Bronze to Diamond has 5 divisions ( 5 > 4 > 3 > 2 > 1 ) If you go through all of these you'll get into the upper Tier. Master and Grandmaster do not have divisions and are meant to shelter only the best out of the best players in the game.

We are not yet convinced that this system is the best possible one, but it is a good start to attract competitive players.

Our RR boost services will have option for streaming, selfplay, play a specific class. Once the PS4 and Xbox versions of the game is live, we'll be adding these to our supported platforms.

Note: This service is currently in test mode, we will decide if we will continue supporting the game after seeing the results of our testing. We have top tier players that can get your wins in no time.



The Battle Royale genre is probably the biggest gaming sensation lately. Multiple games popped up and conquered a big portion of the market. PUBG, Fortnite and Realm Royale are proving to be the leaders of this lovely 100 player PvP game mode.

In order to find success in the games you need to survive longer time than your opponents and ultimately end up at 1st place out of the other 100 players on the battle field. This success will help you climb the official ladder and get to higher divisions, where you will meet better enemies.

The biggest difference with this game compared to the its predecessors is the fact that each game you can select a different Class to play. 5 options are available at the moment - Warrior, Engineer, Assassin, Mage, Hunter. Each of these classes have different abilities, strong and weak sides. Another innovation is the Forging of weapons, armors and abilities. This can only happen in specific locations (centers of towns) where you need to invest Shards to collect your unique legendary gear and make your character stronger.

Most players that are testing the game say that it is easier to play than Pubg or Fn. That's probably true, but the game has a lot of evolving ahead. The fact that there is no building in the game certainly will not be to the liking of some Fn players. However a number of other lovely details in RR may lure a big portion of the Battle Royale fans.

For more information regarding RR keep track of our news section.


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