Reghar - HotS Boost Hero Guide

Reghar - HotS Boost Hero Guide

Heroes of The Storm

Reghar - HotS Boost Hero Guide

December 21 , 2015


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Playing Rehgar is all about timing. With guide, our Hots Boost team will provide, you will be able to keep your team up constantly while Feral Heart will regenerate a huge portion of health/mana over time. Rehgar is amazing with every warrior pick, his Ancestral Healing will top them fully giving the warrior freedom to dive into the enemy back line without fear while soaking damage and providing CC and damage. Over all, he is never a poor option, with the correct timing you are able to change the outcome of any fight by healing an ally to full health in an instant.


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Even though, he is mele, Reghar is rarely going to do any significant damage, unlike other supports like Tyrande and Lili. It is very scary picking him in a setup with only one real damage dealer. That said, Reghar is amazing in the current meta of two warriors, constantly chain healing them, and if need be - filling their hp bars with a single cast. As a Hots booster, I rarely pick Reghar, though. There are better supports out there like Uther and Tyrande, and he also have bad matchups against sustain damage setups (Raynor, KT, Valla, Zagara, Nazeebo), because of his CDs. Reghar has a single healing spell, and through the duration of the guide, we will bank on it a lot.


Level 1: Spirit walker's Grace reduces the Chain Heal mana cost to 45. Without it, Reghar will have mana issues without a doubt, and you don't want that.

Level 4: Feral Heart increases health and mana regeneration by 75% while in Ghost Wolf, allowing you to sustain your hp bar without having to actually waste a Chain Heal on yourself. It is an amazing support talent, considered to be one of the best by our Heroes of the storm boosters. No other support have such a tool at his disposal, and even though Reghar is generally mana hungry, Feral Heart, combined with Spirit walker's Grace will solve that problem for the duration of the game.

Level 7: Earth Shield is a solid choice, since Cleanse was nerfed. It gives Reghar a second instant heal, though a lot weaker. Still it makes a completely useless ability into a decent support spell.

Level 10: Ancestral Healing is one of the better Heroic abilities for support in the game. Though the spell has a short delay and needs some times to be pre casted, the healing it provides has no equal. Reghar is able to top a tank to full hp by a single press of a button. In the current meta, where warriors dominate the Nexus, our Hots Boosters are often forced to make risky plays, just because Reghar can easily neutralize all the damage done to his front lane.

Level 13: Healing Surge is the primary choice for this build. It allows you to heal your primary target by an extra 25%, when this ability is combined with Tidal Waves it gets a huge buff. This ability explains itself on how much value it can provide to keep your allies alive and avoid being poked.

Level 16: Tidal Waves reduce the CD of Chain heal by three seconds, if it heals three targets. In a large team fight, where everyone takes some kind of damage, this talent will greatly increase Reghar's healing output.

Level 20: Storm Shield is excellent choice for every support. Providing your entire team with a huge shield before a fight, or using the ability to soak incoming damage is always a great tool to have.

In conclusion, Reghar is a solid support, prefered by our Hots Boosting team over the likes of Lili and Malfurion. He has weaknesses, and he lacks that damage output of Tyrande, but his burst healing and easy game play makes him a good choice for every support main, trying to climb the ladder.

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