Rexxar hero insight by

Rexxar hero insight by

Heroes of The Storm

Rexxar hero insight by

September 26 , 2015

Is HotS boosting easier with Rexxar? Will first range tank ever change the course and make Blizzard innovative as moba developer? Your best Heroes of the Storm boosting site will bring him closer to you.

1.Who is Rexxar?

First of all lets talk about Rexxar history in the Blizzard gaming world. He comes from World of Warcraft. He is Hord hero, last of breed of half-ogres half-orcs. He is beast master with his best pal Misha. First encounter with this hero was in warcraft 3 he even had his own campaign. He is also avatar of hunters in Heartstone. He came into the World of Hots to seek new challenges such like your hots boosting orders! As you can see he is already famouse in Blizzard universe that why he may be first such unique hero.

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2. What are his abilities and are they to the liking of a hots booster?

Q: AoE line ability Rexxar orders his hawk to hit enemies in line and make them visible and slow them.

W: Misha is ordered to charge in line to stun all enemies that will be able to hit.

E: Rexxar mend Misha wounds in order to heal them in time. This healing is really important and hives a lot of HoT (healing over time) to his animal pal.

1st R: It makes Misha enlarged and deal more damage to enemies with basic attacks. 150% Buff to damage of your aniamal every hunter dream!

2nd R: You order hord of boars to go after your enemies. Boars are dealing damage slowing and reveling your enemies.

Rexxar seems like a very good hero to do heroes of the storm boosts with. He got a lot of health points, he got his own animal friend, moderate damage kit of slows and stuns and both of his ultimate abilities are very solid. Dont be afraid to buy him he is really good hero and many of our hots boosts will be done with him.

3. What is Rexxar combo, how he should be played?

Rexxar combo is pretty simple. First throw Q on your main target and make misha will go attack him, after enemy is slowed it will be easier to aim your W and stun enemies after. E should be used when Misha health is around 50%, bear wont be able to die instantly and he will be able to remain in battle and fight with you. About ultimates it a little tricky. The animal should be used when Misha stuns target 1,5s stun will provide misha with enough time to deal a lot of damage also remember when you use this ultimate, heal Misha with E, because bear will be 100% focused. Unleash the boars should be used in beginning of the fight and when enemies are most grouped its really good ability to start teamfight with.

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4. When is the best time to pick Rexxar?

First of all Rexxar shouldnt be solo tank. He is bruiser he should be always pick as offtank as he dont have enought sustain. He can also be picked as off damage dealer or when your team dont have enought stuns and slows. He is really universal so he is really good pick in most of situations. Great hero to do your heroes of the storm boosting orders!

Thanks for your time, we hope this article helped you to understand awesomnes of hero which is Rexxar. See you tomorrow in next article, maybe you got some ideas what you would like to see in our news section. Rember Heroes of the storm is game we love. We know everything about it that makes us best service of hots boosting. We got passion about this game, every work we do is pleasure for us and you can be sure that we make it fast and never leave you unpleasant by our service. If you need help with mastering this champion our Heroes of the Storm coaching is here for you!

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