The rise of the new moba gamestyle (Hots boosting website review)

The rise of the new moba gamestyle (Hots boosting website review)

Heroes of The Storm

The rise of the new moba gamestyle (Hots boosting website review)

October 19 , 2015

What differences does Heroes of the storm have compared to other MOBA games

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First of all we would like to point out that hots boosts are much harder to achieve than in other games. It is going to be even harder when the Grandmaster rank is live. Why is that and what the first difference is - the answer is the same for both questions.

It is harder to do boosts in Hots because the game is so teambased. While in other MOBAs you can be the solo king of the game, here you really need some assistance. A single person can not get the experience, objectives and win teamfights for 5 people. The powerspikes come faster when your team is performing better. If you have 4 guys with lack of IQ - well you are done. In games like Dota, LoL, HoN there is still some chance, although not that big in such games to get the win even in a virtually 1 v 5 game. This cant really happen in Hots and that is why Heroes of the storm boosting is a bit harder than in other games.

Is the new MOBA approach a good or a bad thing

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Well that is a question that each person will have a different answer. There are aspects that you will like and at the same time such that you will dislike. It is normal. The key how that question should be answered is hidden in what the overall game experience brings you. We think that the new approach is great, although still missing a few things that might make it even better. No items, No solo XP, much more and early fighting, a lot of team communication. These are all not bad things, you just need to get used to it. If you are coming from a background in other games in this ganre you are probably going to miss a few things. Time heals they say xD. The more you play, the better the overall experience gets. And if you are good enough you can get to earn some money by starting a pro career or start Hots boosting for a website. There are options as long as you are ready to try out new things when it comes to gaming.

First time i switched from Dota 1 to LoL it felt like a real disaster. The animations felt retardedly childsh and many other things, but the more i played it the better it started feeling, until it came to a point that i really didnt miss anything from Dota 1.

The same thing happed when i started playing Heroes of the Storm. To say the truth it took me a little more time to adjust in comparison to my first big switch, but the result is pretty much the same. I still like 1-2 things better in league - the ranking system is one of these, but I am confident that these will be fixed in very near future.

Give Hots some time and it will pay back

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Put in a few hours, if you get bored - dont worry. If you are getting stomped - its norma. The only thing you shouldnt do from the start is give up. Try one - two more times and you will get the hang of it and see the beauty of the game. Yes you will have to learn a few new things but that's in our oppinion a part of the pleasant side of the game. New champs, new maps, new strategies - sounds like fun to me! OH I FORGOT - NEW COMMUNITY! And if you are ever stuck in one place or want to see more of the game you can use our hots boost service, and you will get what you want in no time! If interested you can see what we provide on these links (pretty much everything Heroes of the storm boost related):



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