Searching for professional Overwatch coaching (Team or Solo)? Myboosting is here to help!

Searching for professional Overwatch coaching (Team or Solo)? Myboosting is here to help!


Searching for professional Overwatch coaching (Team or Solo)? Myboosting is here to help!

July 27 , 2016


If you are the type of player that wants to improve and play with the best players and teams in the world offers you the chance to get help from one of the best Ow coaches in the world. We have selected a few extremely knowledgeable coaches with tons of experience in gaming to help you achieve your biggest dreams.

Check out our professional Overwatch coaches and choose the one that you like best!


There are different types of players and each of them requires an individual approach, things to work on and weak spots to fix. I will be honest here and say that some people are much better fit to improve their skill. This is mainly due to the persons capability to learn new things fast and adjust them in his own game. We don't want to change completely your play style, what will will target is to build over what you are already good at and fix as many aspects of your game as possible. So if you are:

  • Overwatch player looking to get better at the game and increase your Skill rating
  • A guy that learns fast
  • Able to adjust and fix mistakes
  • Willing to listen to other people advises

You are a perfect fit for our coaches. As we said before for some players a couple of hours can make a significant difference in their performance while for others it will require a bit more time.


There are a number of qualities that a good Ow coach should posses in order to teach his students everything he knows about the game. It's like being a college teacher, only in a sphere that is much different than the usual school subjects. Being patient, well-educated, informative and good with words is just a part of the qualities that our coaching squad posses. Some of them have over 1000+ hours of experience in teaching pro and semi-pro teams in Overwatch. If you need information about the current meta champions, how to play on different maps, what champions to select, how to counter the enemies and the best ways to improve your Overwatch mechanics, we guarantee you that there is no better place to search for the right answers of these questions. Myboosting has a number of amazing coaches, but we have selected a few of them that really know how to do their job.

Best overwatch coaching

Tri-hard is our newest addition to the squad. This guy is an expert at analyzing, spotting mistakes and figuring out the best ways to fix them. He has been a coach since the Open beta started and by now he has over 1000 hours of guiding solo players, semi-pro and pro teams. The improvement of your skill you can get with this guy is unmatched. A few tips by him and you will know that this guy is not messing around. His flexible time makes him a perfect coaching choice for literary everyone, regardless of the time-zone you live in.

He excels at Overwatch team coaching since he has a perfect eye on what should be fixed in the team composition or the play style. He has already prepared a number of in-depth guides for different teams with full explanation on how to play each map, each champion and much more. He is a walking Overwatch encyclopedia and we are pretty sure that no question will remain unanswered by him. If you are searching for a professional coach for you or your Overwatch team this is our number 1 choice!

professional ow coach

Charlie is not just one of the best support players, he is also a shot-caller and a well-rounded Overwatch coach. He's had over 200 hours of coaching sessions with people from different parts of the world, including a number of Korean semi-pros. The number of satisfied students is the same as the number that have tried him. Charlie is also known as one of the best mechanically sound Lucios and if you are a guy that likes this champion you wont get anyone better than him. He is a flex pick player, but his passion is supporting.

From personal experience i can guarantee that he is an amazing guy. Trustworthy and dedicated, he will never let your expectations down. Try him out with a few hours of coaching session and you will see yourself!

Ow team coaching

Pkprell is an ever playing and ever improving player. He is currently standing in top 500 global ranking on his main account. With more than 400 levels he is one of the players that obviously loves the game and devotes his time almost entirely to it. He soaks information really fast and transforms it into knowledge that he can give to others. I've personally played with him on a number of occasions and his shot calling abilities are unmatched. if you want to be the leader of your team he is a guy that can teach you a few things about that. Pkprell has been working only with solo individuals for coaching sessons, but he has been partially coaching his own team while they practice for tournaments and competitive play.

Overwatch professional coaches

NobiNobs is before everything else a great guy. He come from a background of different games (mostly Moba) where he has been competing on pro level. After Overwatch came out he was one of the first guys that joined our boosting and coaching squad and has proven to be one of the most reliable and stable guys in If you need someone that can teach you how to become a better Overwatch player. He's been climbing the ladder a number of times and knows how to play in any skill rating.

Each of our Overwatch coaches is capable to give you amazing tips and information on how to climb the ladder and how to improve as a player. This is an example list of what we think are our best members. They are all professionals that can guide you on your way to self-improvement.

If you have any questions/ concerns our live support is here to help you 24/7.

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Regards, - The quality Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch service!