Season 3 Overwatch TOP 500! How to get there!

Season 3 Overwatch TOP 500! How to get there!


Season 3 Overwatch TOP 500! How to get there!

December 23 , 2016

OVERWATCH TOP 500 - Tips how to get there by

TOP500 Overwatch leaderboard is definitely the most interesting and skill required part of the competitive scene. Everyone wants to be there and play against the best players.

In order to achieve the TOP500, you must have played at least 50 competitive games in the current season. Besides the 50 competitive games, your Skill rating must be reaching the TOP500 mark which is progressively increasing throughout the seasons. The TOP500 ladder is different for every region and the minimum skill rating requirements are different for Europe, Americas and Asia. At this point the average skill rating to be placed in top500 for Europe and Americas is around 4200-4250, and for Asia region - around 4350 skillrating. By the end of the season expectations are to be above 4400 SR in all servers.

So far, did a ton of TOP500 orders during season 1, season 2 and 3 so we are quite confident when saying that the easy road to Top 500 starts from here TOP 500 OVERWATCH BOOST PROMOTION PACK.We guarantee extremely fast execution of any TOP500 order(between 1 and 4 days), we do guarantee safety, privacy and professionalism.

This article is dedicated to ways to achieve that spot without our help. Yes it's possible... but not for all players sadly. First of all you need to posses certain qualities including good game sense, mechanics and team coordination. It's highly recommended to stack in groups of 2-3 skilled players to get the Victory sign much easier. Some games at the higher steps of the ladder are still unwinnable but you'll manage to maintain a good win rate if you know your teammates.

Dedication and available time are a must if you want to conquer the highest spot in Overwatch. Although long hours of playing can be exhausting they definitely improve your overall performance. Practice is the key to success in many many cases.

Additionally our stuff will advise you to stick to what you know in terms of champion pool / roles and strategies you use in your games. The higher you climb the better your opponents will be and experiments won't do the trick.

Meta champions are highly advisable to be selected. If you go with the old fashioned one have fallen out of the meta for a reason you are risking to have less attribution in your games. Current meta (early S3) is solid 3 or even 4 tanks with Ana on support + 1 more support. The reason behind that is that Ana nano boost is on low cooldown and the huge Health regen burst makes your frontline tanks almost unkillable and capable to completely row through the enemies.

Using your abilities timely and coordinating with your other teammates abilities is essential. Forming a synergy composition is also extremely helpful.


To purchase the TOP500 Overwatch pack here at all you need is a bit of money. We work in short timeframes, we excel when the task is demanding and we have the worlds best players that can perform anything you want exactly as you want it. The end rank is Guaranteed.

Here is a full list, of all the rewards you will get by achieving TOP500 during Ow Competitive season 3:

The TOP500 Player badge:


The TOP500 Player icon(similar for every season):


Animated season 3 spray:


And season 3 Player icon:


Besides all those rewards, you will receive the maximum for a season competitive points-3000 at the end of the competitive season.

We also offer the pack for Xbox one and PS4 Top 500 Overwatch players.

  • Our Console players are pure talent and will get you there in the matter of hours!

We have exciting time ahead of us guys! There are more than 2 months more in this season. Anyone that wants to get the rewards is welcome in our website. Or live support is online 24/7 if you have questions / concerns / demands! Client satisfaction is always our N1 priority!

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