Season 4 new Fortnite rank system - Possible ranking choices

Season 4 new Fortnite rank system - Possible ranking choices


Season 4 new Fortnite rank system - Possible ranking choices

April 10 , 2018


It is almost 100% certain that Season 4 will bring big changes to the game, one of which will be the new ranking system that will determine each player's standing compared to the rest. As we are closely involved with Fortnite boosting and coaching and have seen various rank measuring systems throughout the years we'd like to give our suggestions what the best fit will be. So, as you all know the big question in Fortnite at the moment is - What ranking system will Epic Games implement?

The answer to that is yet unknown but we can definitely put in some thoughts of what it might be, keeping in mind the unique specifics of Fortnite.

Option 1:

Tier - Division system

Similar to many games such as League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm etc. it is quite common to see this ranking system in two forms. Exclusively moving up and down in the divisions, or be represented by a pointing system that matches a specific Tier.

Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master are the most commonly used Tiers in that type of system, but we've seen variety of these across different games.

Is it going to work?

The Tier - division system rarely gives you exact results based on performance. It's more about the Win or Lose at the end, so we do not think that Fortnite will be a good fit for that type of measuring algorithm.

Option 2:


Ranks are a very simple to understand system. Take Hearthstone for example. You go from Rank 25 to Rank 1 (and legend after that). The progress is easy to track, but again lacks an in depth statistic of how you perform as a player.

Is it going to work?

Sadly pure ranks is probably the worst system that can happen. It simply lacks very crucial elements to make things work properly.

Option 3:

League based system

This is an unorthodox suggestion which might actually work. Think of all the Real life sports - a certain amount of Teams (in our case players) are put in a league where they compete only against each other. The best ones progress to the upper League, where they will find new, better opponents, while the worse performing will go to the lower leagues and meat less skilled players.

There are of course other systems that will most likely not be a match for the game. So here is...



This system has different forms and names across different platforms - Elo, MMR, Points, Skill rating. You can call it anyway you like, it still measures your skill in precise numbers.

Why will this system be the best fit?

Fortnite has a lot of specifics that you need to track in order to determine if a player performed above or below average (or extraordinary good / poorly). It is vital to take into consideration not only the Rank 1 winner, or the top 10 finishers. This will be a big flaw to the game and will force players to only play to survive, so that they can climb the ladder. Ofcourse your end place in a game should matter, but it should be combined with other statistics such as:

Kills, Materials gathered, Buildings made, Damage dealt and take, Distance traveled, How many opponents you have seen in the game, How many high populated locations you have visited, What weapons did you get your kills with (For example long range snipe shot should be worth more than a close range shotgun kill) and of course at which place you ended.

One other thing that might be a good factor to implement is: How many higher skilled / lower skilled players were there in your match (Match average MMR)

All of these factors are important to determine if a player deserves to have an "Increase" or "Decrease" in his MMR. If you were hiding throughout the whole game in a bush, or you were avoiding fights then you do not deserve to get higher in the leaderboards. If you killed 5 people at the start, but got unlucky vs the 6th and did at place (lets say) 60, that should give you a boost in your MMR since you were involved in multiple battles and prevailed in most of them.

So in order to have a well balanced ladder that tracks every aspect of the game that matters Fortnite most certainly should take something known as system, but rework it to best mirror the game specifics. Only time will tell what system they will choose.


Regards, - The quality Fortnite boosting service!

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