Sylvanas Windrunner - Fast is fine, but accurate is finer (A short but accurate Heroes of the Storm boosting site guide!)

Sylvanas Windrunner - Fast is fine, but accurate is finer (A short but accurate Heroes of the Storm boosting site guide!)

Heroes of The Storm

Sylvanas Windrunner - Fast is fine, but accurate is finer (A short but accurate Heroes of the Storm boosting site guide!)

December 01 , 2015


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In the battlefield Sylvanas is the best of both worlds, taking the role of range assassin in team fights, while also having the strongest push power and siege potential in the game. Her constant damage output, combined with mobility, crowd control and lane pressure makes her the most versatile and solid heroe in the game.

Our Heroes of the storm boost team rate the Banshee Queen as one of the top 3 constant damage dealers alongside Jaina and Kael'Thas. And the strongest specialist, marginally surpassing Zagara.

The downside of Sylvanas that she is short range, and almost always has to take care of the front line, before getting into the faces of the squishy damage dealer of the enemy team.

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Right from the start of the game, we are introduced to two viable options, which will decide the style of play we choose for our beloved Banshee Queen.

"With the wind" Increeses "Withering fire" (Q) range by 25%. This tallent is great for playing passively at the back line, giving you more room to maneuver in team fights.

"Barbed Shot" increeses "Withering fire" damage by 200% to minions and mercs (it also works on bosses), making Sylvanas the perfect tool for stopping hudge minion waves or demolish boss pushes.

Comparing the two talents is hard, it all comes to personal preference. Our Hots boost team almost always take "Barbed Shot", because of how "Withering fire" works as a mechanic (it goes to the first target, prioritizing enemy heroes). You can never bypass the tanks without putting yourself in a risky position. Also Q has base range as long range of Sylvanas' auto attack, making it a little pointless to improve it, when you will auto attack most of the fight anyway.

On the other hand "Barbed Shot" has its worth on every map, especially where the main objectives are spawning bosses (Tomb of the Spider Queen, Haunted Mines and Cursed Hollow). With that talent, Withering fire deals 50% more damage to a boss than Sylvanas' auto attacks.

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At level 4, there is really only one viable option. And that is "Envenom".

Some people may make an argument that "Ranger's Ambush" is worth considering, but the fact is Sylvanas is a dps hero, and what better talent to pick, than an additional damage spell. On the same not - the Banshee Queen is the only range hero that has both "Envenom" and

"Blood for blood" available to her, making her the perfect tank buster alongside "auto attack" build Valla.

There is no real argument to be made against picking "Envenom". It has enough range to be used effectively, and it gives the hero this tinny edge, enough to finish that pesky Muradin, that doesn't allow you to hit the enemy's backline.

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Level 7 has the hardest talents to pick from. A lot of them feel nice to have like Life Drain which gives really good sustain during laning phase and team fights. Remorseless gives Sylvanas a fair amount of additional damage. Shade Form turns the undead ranger invisible, giving a little bit extra safety.

Unstable Poison is the talent I prefer. Minion that are effected by Sylvanas' trait (Black arrow) explode and deal aoe damage. This talent is perfect for pushing lanes and also deals insane amount of damage if the team fight takes place near minion waves.

All of the above talent s are viable to pick. It comes to personal preference and play style, tough our Heroes of the storm boosting team almost always take Unstable Posion!

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There is only one heroic ability worth picking at level 10 - "Wailing arrow" . It has long range, and you can activate it at any point (if Sylvanas is not under a disable spell) to explode in an area, dealing damage and silencing all enemies in it.

"Wailing arrow" is perfect for damaging and disrupting the back line of the enemy team, targets that you should not usually be able to hit. It can be used as a finisher, but more often, as an opener to a team fight. Hitting priority targets with it is key to winning the game.

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"Evasive Fire" gives Sylvanas 10% movement speed for 2 seconds after using "Withering Fire", stacking 3 times. It is one of the best utility talents in the game, giving the Banshee Queen the mobility every range dps craves in order to outplay the enemy team.

"Evasive Fire" is the only viable talent from the level 13 branch. In some very rare cases, there is an argument to be made for taking "Spell Shield" . If the pressure made by the enemy team is too much to handle, and you desperately need to survive, but that doesn't happen often.

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Hitting level 16 means that the late game officially started. Sylvanas has two great tools to translate into the late game: "Blood for blood" and "Cold embrace".

On active "Blood for blood" steals 10% of the target's maximum health, and heals for 200% of the damage dealt. Together with "Envenom", it becomes a deadly combo for any front liner, standing on Sylvanas' way.

"Cold embrace" puts vulnerability on the target hit by "Shadow Dagger", making it take 25% bonus damage from all sources. This effect is spread by the mechanic of "Black arrow", but doesn't stack with other vulnerability effects. Still the talent makes a perfect fit for aoe team comps.

Unlike other cases, where picking different talents is based on player's play style, here it is situational. "Blood for blood" is the best stand alone talent in the game, while "Cold embrace" has the best vulnerability mechanic in the game. Our Hots boost team mostly pick "Blood for blood", it is too good to pass out. But in setups with Kael'Thas or some other aoe damage heroes "Cold embrace" can wreck the enemy team in seconds.

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Mobility is a key to successfully navigate a team fight with any squishy damage dealers. Ignoring it, especially in the late game may often translate in instantly loosing the game. That is why we, at Hots boost, always pick "Bolt of the Storm" . Teleporting out of a bad position, no matter if forced into it, or just getting coughed is extremely powerful in the late game. Having this extra safety as Sylvanas almost makes her unkillable. Having "Bolt of the Storm" as safety mechanism also allows the Banshee Queen to use her "Haunting Wave" (E) as a damage ability, instead of keeping it for safety.

Hope you liked our short Sylvanas Guide.

Be sure to check for more.

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