Top 500 Overwatch is live - Season 8 updates.

Top 500 Overwatch is live - Season 8 updates.


Top 500 Overwatch is live - Season 8 updates.

January 15 , 2018


As each season a couple of weeks after its initial launch on 1st January 2018th the Top 500 Leaderboards are now live. The new rewards theme map is Watchpoint Gibraltar.

There are a couple of things that are different this season related to the Skill rating mark that needs to be hit and eventually maintained to receive the Top 500 rewards for the end of the season. We will briefly list them below.

To know some of our rules regarding Top500 boosting visit this page.

Important info:
Europe server STARTING SR mark top 500: 4167 SR
Europe server CURRENT SR mark (15th Jan): 4180 SR

Americas server STARTING SR mark top 500: 4187 SR
Americas server CURRENT SR mark (15th Jan): 4217 SR

As you can see it's climbing fast, but it will eventually reduce the increasing speed once most player have 50+ games played.



With one of the previous patches Blizzard officially implemented a new Skill rating gain mechanism for player that are above 3000 SR (Diamond +). Previously performance was a big factor that was determining how much Skill rating you gain / lose per game. If you are destroying your team and you are on fire for a long time in the match you would Gain more skill rating than the people that underperformed, and you would lose less when you ended up defeated.

Now performance in the games does not matter. You will gain and lose equal amount of SR regardless of your attribution in the match. We are not big fans of this change since we think that performance needs to be rewarded, but the facts are that this is currently the active system in Overwatch.

The effect of this change can really be felt if you are constantly destroying your opponents - you will get lower rating than before. Or if you are constantly getting carried - you will get higher rating than before.


As we mentioned the starting mark in this season is significantly lower than before. With that being said we expect the end mark to be around 50ish SR less than in Seasons 7 or 6.

That in other words will mean the the difficulty to climb on slightly lower ratings will be increased. Hitting 4250 now will be equivalent to hitting 4400 in the previous season for example. Price adjustments on our services will occur in that regard.

Another thing that might be a factor in this line of thoughts is the launch of the Overwatch League season. A lot of the pro players are now focused only on their teams and don't play that much Solo / Duo competitive for Skill rating climb. Also many viewers might be occupied mostly in spectating matches than developing their own accounts in game and winning competitive ranks.

All these factors play a role in the current Season 8. Stay tuned for additional updates on how the system works and more.


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