Top Overwatch players streaming. Learn from the best

Top Overwatch players streaming. Learn from the best


Top Overwatch players streaming. Learn from the best

July 04 , 2018


As one of the leading Overwatch boosting services on the market, we would like to introduce you our brand new feature - Streams. As a multigaming website we will stream various games, but as far as Overwatch is concerned, you can certainly find one of the top players on our Streaming lists. They will be playing mostly on their Main or Smurf accounts, occasionally (only after customer approval) they'll be streaming different requests from our customers in all Skill rating ranges.

If you want to watch the pros play, this is one of the places where you can do that. There are multiple streamers on Twitch and Youtube, but it is rare to see an actual grind from low to high skill rating. Viewers will be able to watch these games, pick up tips and tricks on how to get better themselves, and most importantly, enjoy their time while doing so.

Our streaming section is divided into two main features.

Free streams and paid streams.

We have selected a few of our most trusted players to stream completely free of charge for you, and we'll have a bigger paid list of streamers from all games that you can unlock for 10$. This contribution will give you 3 month unlimited access to our players streams. When they go live you'll be able to select whoever you want.



Some of our customers have always enjoyed paying a little bit extra to watch their assigned booster grind the Skill rating ladder for them. We will have (occasional) option for customers to opt in or out. We will give you the chance to watch your order completely free of charge, however the stream will be publicly listed on our website either in the free or paid streams part. So if you opt in you will be able to follow your progress real time and watch some sick plays done by our pro Overwatch players. This feature is completely optional, you can always refuse to participate. Also it is never certain if your assigned booster/coach will be one of the guys that are allowed to stream with us. So if you order, and you have one of the streamers executing your order, he will ask you in advance if you want to watch the stream free of charge. After approving or denying this option we'll progress according to your demand.

We are sure that some of our Top tier Overwatch streamers will impress you. If you are a newcomer to the site, you can message our 24/7 live chat assistants and request to watch a specific guy prior to purchasing. That way you will know what we are capable of and all concerns will fade away.

We have some upcoming features that we are quite sure you will like.

Any contribution to our streamers is much appreciated. We collect a prize pool that will be distributed among all of them.



Regards, - The quality Overwatch boosting service!

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