Towers Of Doom Guide – Tips & Tricks (Hots boost website preview)

Towers Of Doom Guide – Tips & Tricks (Hots boost website preview)

Heroes of The Storm

Towers Of Doom Guide – Tips & Tricks (Hots boost website preview)

November 30 , 2015


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Towers of Doom is the newest map in Heroes of the Storm and our HotS boost team has a short guide for you with some helpful tips.

The difference between Towers of Doom and any other HotS map is that your team can not attack the enemy core directly which has only 40 hp, instead you rely on capturing altars that will spawn across the map. When you activate one of them the forts you control + the core itself will fire at the enemy's dealing one damage to it each.

There are three lanes with a fort on each one that can be captured, each of them provides an extra ammunition that will fire at the enemy core upon capturing an altar.

Altars will spawn across the map on a timer similar to Cursed Hollow's and need to be captured by channeling them for a short time.

You can find only three siege camps on the map, and one boss. The siege mercs, unlike the ones on other maps will suicide upon reaching a fort, dealing massive amount of damage to it. Alternatively when passing behind the enemy's fort, each one of them will deal one damage to the core of your opponents. This mechanic, combined with the boss are the best way to close games without having to wait for altars to spawn.

The boss on Towers of Doom is unique. When captured, instead of joining the battlefield, he will throw 4 shells at the enemy core, dealing one damage for each of them.


towers of doom how to play

Our Heroes of the Storm boost team have determined a specific strategy, that will significantly increase your win rate!

The first and most important thing your team needs to accomplish is good team fighting synergy throughout prolong periods of time. There for heroes like Leoric, Zagara and Murky are invaluable! There are many other strong picks that can fill the same purpose such as Sylvanas, Falstad, Johana and Muradin. Other than that our HotS boosting team advises you to stick to meta setups (2 warriors, 1 supports, 2 assasins/1 warrior, 1 support, 3 assasins).

Mercenary camps have the most frustrating and unreliable mechanic from all the HotS maps, but there is a way to draw maximum value from them. Here how our Heroes of the Storm boost team does it:

- upon capturing, the two siege camps on the bottom side of the map will never charge for the enemy core, if there is a fort available on the bot or mid lane. There for the best way to deal damage to the opponent's core in between altar spawns is to hard push the top lane, take control of the fort and then escort the siege camp behind the enemy lines! Doing that also gives you a decent control over the boss area, which insures you that the enemy can not sneak it, while you are pushing.

- never split yourselves too thin. Stick as a team especially at the later stages of the game! The biggest priority are the alters. If you have a choice between one of them or another objective (boss or fort), always prioritize the alters!

At the end of the day, don't forget to play for fun! Our HotS boosting team wishes you good luck on the newest Heroes of the Storm map - Towers of Doom!


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