Treasure goblin mount will be removed from Hots shop

Treasure goblin mount will be removed from Hots shop

Heroes of The Storm

Treasure goblin mount will be removed from Hots shop

October 18 , 2015

Our hots boosting service brings you one of the latest news announced officially

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We as a Heroes of the storm boosting service try to keep track of all the latest events and news that are related to the game. The word is that our beloved treasure goblin mount will be removed from the shops on 27th October. After that date you will no longer be able to buy it. For the ones that have already purchased it - dont worry you will still be able to use it after that date. Who knows maybe one day it is going to be much more valuable then now. If you are a fan of that mount it is the best time to order it for you hots account. We as hots boost company don't buy/sell mounts/skins and others but we have always been loving the diversity.

That date is related to other events

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Although it is not hots boost related. This date is also connected with the beta launch of Overwatch. This is more than exciting for us, since we are going to be provideing Ovw boosting service here at Blizzcon is another big big event that will follow the week after that date. It will be filled with action and variety of small events. Be sure to watch it and get informed of all the latest Blizzard projects and announcements. We will surely be one of the spectators of the events. hots boosting service

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