Tychus - HotS Boosting Hero Guide

Tychus - HotS Boosting Hero Guide

Heroes of The Storm

Tychus - HotS Boosting Hero Guide

December 16 , 2015


Hots boosting service Tychus guide

Tychus Findly is a big man with a big ego and even bigger gun. Fortunately enough, his loyalty is easily won. Buy him a whiskey or three and promise him enough credits, and there's no job in the whole universe too dangerous for this outlaw. In Heroes of the Storm, Tychus takes the roll of short range burst assassin, with good mobility and durability. His kit is one of the best for skirmish fights, and when the teams battle it out as five, Tychus' Odin is amazing for upfront damage, and poke.


To compensate for his short range, Tychus is incredibly tanky for an assassin. Our Hots boosters are easily winning any 1v1 trade with him. The outlaw is of the few heroes that can evenly trade with the likes of Zagara, making him one of the strongest early game damage dealers. That said, his team fight presence is not that great. During the duration of Odin, Tychus can deal fair amount of damage, but outside that, he needs to put himself in bad positions in order to deal meaningful damage, making him extremely vulnerable. His worst matchups are the heavy CC Warriors, that can easily stop the channeling of his Q: Diablo, Johanna, Muradin, ETC. Also, due to his short range, Tychus is also weak against poke heroes like KT, Raynor, Valla. As a Heroes of the Storm booster, I find Tychus being a good pick for maps where you constantly fight skirmishes. Such maps being Dragon Shire and Haunted Mines.


Level 1: Armor Piercing Rounds is most beneficial, it empowers Tychus's Q increasing his damage which in turn gives him stronger early game and trade potential in lane.

Level 4: Melting Point provides Tychus with incredible siege and pushing capabilities. You will mainly want to focus on harassing enemy fortifications and pushing minion waves as much as possible while in lane. One of the ways to snowball a game in Heroes of the Storm is to take fort quickly. Melting Point is the perfect option for this.

Level 7: Boosting is not easy, especially with random people, and staying alive with a short range assassin is always an issue. Fortunately Tychus has First aid at his disposal. Healing poke damage before a fight, or sustaining the lane, after a 1v1 kill is always good to have. The choice becomes much easier, because there are no damage talents on that node.

Level 10: Commandeer Odin is a very versatile heroic ability. With it Tychus gains 2 AOE abilities and a devastating AA. The con of this talent is that you have to suit up before battle. The best way to use this ability is to anticipate a fight and suit up right before it happens.

Level 13: Relentless is another amazing talent for Tyches. It reduced the duration of CC effects, giving you the freedom to be in the enemy's faces.

Level 16: Did I ever say that Tyches was tanky as hell? Where here is another really nice choice, to make him even better. Stone skin provides extra protection, much needed, especially fighting other burst assassins like Jaina, or KT.

Level 20: All the defence our hots boosters put on Thyches is to make up for the fact, that they don't pick Bolt of the Storm. It is a rare case, but Big Red Button is one of the best heroic ability improvements. It gives Odin extra duration, and an additional AoE ability. With that, Tyches finally becomes a hyper carry for his team.

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