Uther - the Light bringer - Hots boost hero guide!

Uther - the Light bringer - Hots boost hero guide!

Heroes of The Storm

Uther - the Light bringer - Hots boost hero guide!

December 13 , 2015


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Uther is a melee Support, and a damn good one at that. He has very powerful healing, as well as great crowd control abilities. His trait Eternal Devotion allows him to rapidly heal his allies for a short time after his death, so even when you die, you're not out of the fight. In the hands of a Heroes of the Storm booster Uther is one of the most powerful supports.


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Great burst healing; Fairly tanky for a healer; Good crowd control; Useful even when killed; Very versatile.


Long cooldowns; Can't do much damage, despite his massive hammer; No escape mechanic; Fairly team dependent.


As one of the better supports in the game, Uther is really good at any map, and in any team setup. His burst healing, and CC gives him a massive advantage over almost any other hero. He is especially good against burst champions like Nova, Zeratul, Butcher, Thrall, as well as double warrior setup.

On the other hand, Uther is not really good at healing massive AoE damage, and even though he can be a huge asset in skirmish fights, Kael'Thas and Jaina can completely wreck his team.


Level 1: In a prolong fight, Uther can easily go out of mana, there for, our Hots boost team, usually go for Conjurer's Pursuit. 0.1 mana regen per second for a healing globe may not look like much, but it helps, especially in the late game.

Level 4: Even after the nerfs Protective Shield is an instant heal, which is more than what the other talents offer. Combined with Holly Light and Holly Radiance, Uther can easily stop all the incoming burst on a target, without having to blow his Divine shield.

Level 7: Cleanse is a great supportive talent. In the current meta filled with heavy CC warriors like Diablo, ETC, Johanna and Muradin, Uther's power shines the most, and Cleanse is a big part of it.

Level 10: Divine shield is what makes Uther top tier. There is no better feeling, than shielding a KT, whine the entire enemy team is on top of him. That said, Divine shield recently got nerfed, becoming a 90 seconds spell, from 60, so we at HotS boosting advice you to use it more carefully. Not having your heroic ability for a team fight may make the difference between a win and a loss!

Level 13: The best pick at this level, Shrink Ray can reduce the movement speed, and damage dealt by the targeted hero by 50%, so using this against an enemy Assassin can prevent a lot of incoming damage.

Level 16: Benediction: It is basically a rewind for one of your spells. Hitting double judgment on a carry, or using your Holly Radiance twice to heal up the poke is really strong.

Level 20: Even though Uther is a mele, as a Heroes of the Storm booster, I play him very passively. With such a play style I rarely die, that is why I prefer Storm Shield over Redemption. Both talents are insane, and it comes to personal choice of which one should you use.

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