Victory Royale - A simple guide to #1 Rank in Fortnite Battle Royale - Myboosting

Victory Royale - A simple guide to #1 Rank in Fortnite Battle Royale - Myboosting


Victory Royale - A simple guide to #1 Rank in Fortnite Battle Royale - Myboosting

February 03 , 2018


We gathered some information from our Fortnite Battle Royale boost squad to see how they manage to get such a high Winrate in their games. It turns out there are a few tactical approaches that you can take, depending on what type of player you are. A summary of the info gathered leads us to the following few main tips and tricks to end up victorious.


Knowing where to drop is extremely important. You can avoid much of the RNG in the game simply by avoiding the high population zones. If you decide to go to places like Tilted towers you may put yourself into situations that you can not predict. Also someone dropping a milisecond before you and picking up the guns first usually results badly. Selecting a location like Tilted towers is beneficial only if you want to improve your combat skills or 1v1 abilities. Lets say it is a good practice zone.

First tactic - different locations every game.

You want to go to a location where less people are landing. While midair you can rotate your vision to see how many people aim at your sight and if there is a better near location to land. This almost certainly guarantees you that you will be able to find initial weapons and count on skill from there on. Obviously shotguns are favored in close combats, but in locations like Anarchy Arces assault rifles and snipers can be a better early pick ups.

This strategy is beneficial for more balanced players that know how to plan their routes and fight their way to victory on later stages. The big minus in it is that you need to make a different strategy each game and that you will most likely not know the areas as good as you would using the 2nd strategy listed.

Second tactic - Pick 1 or 2 drop zones and always land there.

This tactic has a lot of benefits. First and most importantly you will know the zone better than your opponents. You will know where the chests are and where you can hide and attack from. Additionally something that is even more impactful is that you will always know where you want to go after you Get out of the first town. The map routes you take are familiar, minimizing the surprise factor where someone shoots you in the back from unknown location.

My personal favorites in this strategy approach are Anarcy Arces and Salty Springs. They are always approachable regardless of what line your battle bus is taking. Of course with time the map will change and it is entirely up to you what your top choices will be. These two locations are currently my favorite because they offer a lot of diverse paths to exit the area and if you play your cards right you will have variety of items in your inventory + ammo.



Before you start planing your next steps on the map, be sure to collect everything you can in the zone you landed. Trust me, having HP packs, Shield and a decent amount of ammo is a game changing factor in most battles. The only reason why you wouldn't collect everything you can is if the Storm is approaching and you wont have enough time to get to the new circle location on the map.

I recommend getting on a high building roof or some other high ground - scout the whole area from there before exiting the city. maybe other opponents are waiting for you to move out. Once you do that pick up a route to your next desired location. Avoid going in the center of the towns, it's much better if you take a long walk around these areas. Start collecting materials because you will need them in the next stages of the game. Do not break Trees or Trucks to 0 HP. They make a loud sound and can be spotted from a long distance. If you are collecting material always leave the thing you hit at 50 - 100 HP.


Obviously since the map circle is shrinking you need to plan your way into the next zone. If you are a guy that likes the action I highly recommend moving on the edge of the circle. There you will be able to find a lot more players moving towards the selected zone and you will be able to collect their inventory goods when you kill them. In order to do that you want to be silent, take advantageous position and prepare for a fight. Building is something that you would want to do in most cases. However there is one big flaw to building in open areas. When you start constructing it is much easier to be spotted from distance, in other words you will be exposing your position and people will be able to plan their offense against you. A good player knows when to retreat from a battle, before it has even started. If you find yourself surrounded by enemies or you are on a lowground, while the opponent has multiple places to snipe you from and change his location without your knowledge, then you better rethink your positioning.

Again at that stage you want to be on the outskirts of highly populated places and never in the middle of the streets if you don't know that the area has little or no players in it. If you are running low on munitions or you are looking for better weapons get inside these locations with caution, always stay quite and look at all directions. Knowing where shots may come from is a big advantage.


By this time more than 55% of the map is covered by "the storm" and shrinking. The player count is no more than 35 opponents left.

At that stage there are two scenarios that are very likely to happen.

Option 1: You will be forced to fight multiple times. Depending on your intentions and position at this stage you can find a ton of opponents to fight. The area is getting smaller and smaller and there is no real place that you can feel super safe. Roaming through the few remaining cities where you can find rewards is quite dangerous at this stage. Getting high ground on the edge of the circle and roaming through it's line is a guaranteed action packed road to take. One thing that you really need to be aware of is to not get yourself in the middle of a crossfire. If multiple enemies surround you, you will most likely end up dead. This is not guaranteed of course. In these scenarios your building abilities can really shine. You can make your seemingly bad situation into a high ground advantage where you'll prevail. You can also use your structures to stand and chill for a little while and let the other enemies around you drop dead (or at least a few of them). It is quite likely that you will get pushed and pumped in the face if you stand on one place for too long though, so be sure to build properly and scout the areas around you. Rocket launchers are extremely useful at that stage of the game where you can destroy enemy fortresses in a couple of clicks and then end them with a good Sniper or Assault rifle shot. As stated Building becomes more and more important when approaching a combat. You can use your structures to attack from high ground, making a long path of materials and linking it with the enemies location. You will have an edge in this scenario and if you create your path quickly you will be vulnerable only for a few seconds max. You can also Create your own fortress by building a "skyscraper" and snipe people from the top (Peekers advantage). Building a box around you is vital. Always use it when you are reviving a team mate or when you need time to heal and shield up. The ways you can use your materials is diverse and can be used to attack, defend or escape. Be smart and choose the one that is best for your position and situation.

Option 2: You will avoid most of the fighting. If your only aim in the game is to end up with the Victory sign, this is probably the way to go. Playing your cards smart will allow you to avoid combats at that stage. It all depends on your positioning. In the next few minutes when the storm shrink comes another 15-20 players will be eliminated. At that stage the enemies most likely know how to play the game. To be fair you can end up the game with victory only with 2-3 kills in total. So you shouldn't always count on finishing opponents. Sometimes being patient is rewarding, although this playstyle is a little bit more boring. However this is one way to do things when you do not feel confident in your combat skills.



Great! You survived the mid game and there are less than 10-12 enemies left on the battle fields of Fortnite. This is a stage where all your skills will be put into action. It is very rare to see an actual noob win this part of the game. You can get to it without much skills, but the one finishing with the Win is usually a well rounded player. Since the playable part of the map is so little at this stage, it's almost inevitable to avoid fights. You need to be well prepared. Snipers, Rocket launchers and Pump shotguns are the 3 main weapons that will get your win at the end.

One simple thing can give you an edge. Knowing the location of your enemies and where the big fights will occur. This is sometimes completely random, but sometimes predictable. If you manage to figure out where the battle will begin you can plan, build and create a massive fortress that will protect you from your enemies. Build high structures with multiple layers. This is necessary because rockets destroy whole floors with a single shot. Another benefit you will get out of this is that you will be the one checking into the enemies and not the other way around. Stay weary for flanks and silently approaching enemies. There are players at this stage that have not yet revealed their location and might be approaching your towers slowly. If they succeed in getting there without you knowing, a single shot will end your life. Don't let your enemies get an advantage in that regard. You should always know whats happening. Having an extra shield and hp potion at your disposal might be life saving.

The best and most exciting part of the game is when there are only 2-3 fighters left. It really is important to have a plan here. Do you want to stay long / semi long range and try your sniper skills, or you want to build your way towards the opponents for a close range battle. The best approach is always different and entirely up to what you feel you will get you an advantage. Your positioning is very important. If you manage to be unpredictable your chances to succeed are increased significantly. If the enemies don't know where you'll appear from they can never be fully prepared. Sometimes the one that shoots first gets the Fortnite Victory Royale!

One last tip for improvement - everytime you end up dead, try to figure out what went wrong and could you avoid it. Understanding why certain events happen in a specific way is something that every good player analyzes. Watching how the pro streamers play is also something that can increase your winrate significantly.

We really hope that this guide has given you information that will help you improve. Of course we can not cover everything that can happen in the game because the variations are countless. If you find it difficult to get your winning runs be sure to check out our Fortnite Battle Royale win section. We will be more than happy to assist you in achieving your goals.


Regards, - The quality Fortnite boosting service!

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