Want to be Top 500 Overwatch player? Now you can achieve that at Myboosting.com.

Want to be Top 500 Overwatch player? Now you can achieve that at Myboosting.com.


Want to be Top 500 Overwatch player? Now you can achieve that at Myboosting.com.

September 20 , 2016


Today (20.09.2016) the Top 500 was launched. This is the most attractive and prestigious spots in Overwatch. In order to achieve it you need to have played at least 50 competitive matches in the current season. Besides that your MMR should be one of the top 500 in the region that you are playing. MMR in Overwatch is not equal to your current Skill rating. Some players can get to top 500 at lower SR than others. This is very important to know since the competitive system revolves mostly around what your Skill rating is. The average spot where you can reach and receive the Top500 icon at the moment is around 3700 Skill rating (Master). In time this number will increase. This is due to the ladder evolving. At this point there are around 300 players in the world that are above the 4000 SR mark (Grand Master). In a month that number will probably be 5x more and the SR mark for reaching top 500 with increase with it.

Myboosting.com did many orders up to top 500 and beyond in Season 1 and we will be doing that in each of the next seasons! (Season 1 Feedback link)

If you want to be one of the players that will get one of the highest spots in their region we are here to help.

Check our exclusive TOP 500 OVERWATCH BOOST PROMOTION PACK! The base price is 450$ which will guarantee you reaching that level and getting the exclusive end of season rewards that come with it! We have many talented Ow boosters that can easily get you from any point in the competitive ladder to the peak in no time.

Season 2 Top 500 player


First of all during this season you will be rewarded with an amazing Player badge that comes only with this achievement. Its a diamondlike icon with something like a lightning surrounding it. Some of our customers already got it and it looks like that!

Top 500 overwatch

Flashy has always been a thing in the gaming world and you can't say that this one doesn't look good :)

In addition to that you will be rewarded with more things when the Season ends.

This includes a Top 500 Icon that will probably be the same as in Season 1 (not 100% sure).

Top 500 icon reward

You will also receive Season 2 Route 66 thematic Spray and Icon

Overwatch rewards

Top 500 Competitive boost

But lets be honest here. What is the most important thing that comes with being a top 500 player? It's the prestige that you get and the fact that you can play with other players on extremely high level. This is all achievable with us! If you want to aim really high we also offer Overwatch Grand Master boosting so don't hesitate!


It's really simple > Click this link > There you need to fill in your account specifics. After purchasing we will assign you one of the best players out there and you will get the results before you even know it!

An example filled form looks like this if I am: PC player > I am currently in Diamond tier > I have played more than 40 competitive matches in Season 2 > Filling my account details > Paying > DONE!

Get top 500 Overwatch

As you can see we have additional options for people that:

  • Want to be Top 500 in Overwatch on Xbox!
  • Want to be Top 500 in Overwatch on PS4!

Our Console players are pure talent and will get you there in the matter of hours!
We have exciting time ahead of us guys! There are more than 2 months more in this season. Anyone that wants to get the rewards is welcome to our website. We are online 24/7 if you have questions / concerns / demands! Client satisfaction is always our N1 priority!
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