Want to watch our players perform? Streaming at Myboosting is now live

Want to watch our players perform? Streaming at Myboosting is now live

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Want to watch our players perform? Streaming at Myboosting is now live

July 03 , 2018


We released our new site feature yesterday. We will promote our boosters and coaches at our very own Streaming section.

The general guidelines that we have there:
Our boosters will be broadcasting live any game they want (not only the ones that we support). They will show you why we are the top service on the market with their skills and dedication. Their channels on Youtube or Twitch will be linked to our section and when you go live the broadcast will begin.

We have two main streamer roles: Primary and Secondary.
The Primary streams will be maximum 2 at a time, completely free of charge. You can watch them, learn from them and if you would like send them a tip, or purchase one of our services that they or our other players will perform for you.

Secondary streams are locked for the general public. You need to unlock them with a 1 time 10$ subscription payment, which will generate the prizepool of all the streamers according to the time they have been actively streaming. The 10$ payment will give you unlimited access to the full streamers list for 3 months (might be changed in the future).

As this is a test period both for us, our players and customers we are experimenting and trying to adjust to what will be best, so if you have some recommendations towards us, please let us know.



In general, we are far from the idea that we will make a huge profit out of this new venture. We are creating this services so that both you (our customers) and our players have a place to have fun at. You can get educated how to get more skilled in your favourite games, while the players will have more exposure and maybe we will help them get a bit more famous in the streaming communities. We know that our services are not exactly to the liking of the general public, but helping our players make a decent living is what we mostly want to achieve here. As a pro or semi-pro player that wants to show next level of skill, this is a great opportunity to shine. Most of our customers know what type of players work here, we'll certainly impress the ones that are here to test us for the first time.

One of the most commonly asked question through our 24/7 live chat is "Are you guys legit?" or "How do i know that you will actually complete my order?" - Well we are giving access to the people that don't trust that we can perform to selected streams. After a few minutes of watching our guys they will know that we have exactly what they are searching for within our squad.

We will focus mainly on streaming the games that we support, but occasionally we might go and play other games just for the fun.

Hope you guys enjoy this new section! Any support to our players is greatly appreciated!


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