Warmind expansion - Crucible Rank Boosting, New Raid Lair

Warmind expansion - Crucible Rank Boosting, New Raid Lair

Destiny 2

Warmind expansion - Crucible Rank Boosting, New Raid Lair

May 03 , 2018


As we previously informed you the date of the new D2 expansion release is set - 8th May 2018. With the new game implementations we all hope that most of the Guardians will return to the Destiny 2 Universe and continue their grind towards greatness. This time there are extremely exciting new features, especially for the PvP fans.

Upon release all guardians will be able to start ranking up in the Crucible. As always Myboosting will offer Ranked PvP boosting up to the highest spots in the ladder. Our calculators will be reworked soon after the expansion is live.

Let's check what the ranking system will contain:

PvPers will battle for two types of Ranked points:


Earn in:

- Quickplay mode

- Rumble

- Mayhem

Caps out at 2,000 Rank Points

Features win streak bonus points

Can be reset when fully completed, with no cap on resets per season

Resets each season

Has ornament, emblem, and weapon rewards

Requires a fixed number of Valor resets to earn some rewards

Featured in: Quickplay, Rumble, Mayhem


Earn in:

- Competitive mode

Caps out at 5,500 Rank Points

Features win streak bonus points

Adds loss streak penalties for recurring losses

Players can earn bonus rank points or fend off decay by completing three competitive matches each week

Only resets each season

Has ornament, emblem, and weapon rewards

Features unique seasonal chase weapon that can be earned at Fabled level (about ~40% of the way through your journey in Glory Ranks)

Lets players earn ornament for seasonal weapon at Legend level

As you can see Glory Ranked points are the ones that matter for the real competitive players.

The Competitive ranked system splits the players into a few Tiers:


- Guardian (Lowest) 1 - 1500 pts

- Brave 1500 - 2500 pts

- Heroic 2500 - 3500 pts

- Fabled 3500 - 4500 pts

- Mythic 4500 - 5000 pts

- Legend (Highest) 5000 - 5500 pts

Each tier will also be numerically represented. Most likely the way that are listed above (not officially confirmed).

NOTE: Players will be required to play at least 3 competitive games per week to maintain their rank from decaying.



On 11th May 2018th the final part of The Curse of Osiris raid will be available to play on PC / Xbox and Ps4. The new lair will be called Spire of Stars and will put 6 guardians in a series of quests that will end with "A great reward". Bungie did not want to leak any more information regarding what this reward will be so we will have to find that for ourselves. We will started taking preorders for The Spire of Stars Raid boosting. As you all know the first few hours of each new raid (or lair) is extremely hard to complete. Noone knows what actions need to be taken at each stage, so figuring out how to beat the new lair will require a bit of time. Another thing that we've monitored in the past is that when a new Raid gets released the servers get a bit overcrowded, so keep in mind that you might have some connection issues during the initial couple of hours. After all, everyone wants to be the first one to beat the new game content.

The Warmind expansion will bring us other exciting features. New end game missions and content (long awaited), higher Max Power level, new weapons and gear, new masterworks and PvE events. Fingers crossed that this amazingly designed game will get the love it deserves and that not too many guardians have left the Destiny 2 universe for good.


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