What is HotS boosting? What it takes to be a booster? And more about our services at myboosting.com

What is HotS boosting? What it takes to be a booster? And more about our services at myboosting.com

Heroes of The Storm

What is HotS boosting? What it takes to be a booster? And more about our services at myboosting.com

September 27 , 2015

1.What is HotS boost?

Heroes of the Storm Boosting is basically playing on your account ranked games by pro player with high skill instead of you. You should always choose it when you don't feel comfortable playing with bad teammates. You don't feel like you are able to carry four people alone - no problem that's when we come handy. You want to be matched with better players without any stress and get into higher ranks - simply try our hots boosting service.

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2. What it takes to be booster on such site as yours?

First of all our boosters are only players with high experience in HotS. They are all ranks 1 with hundreds of hours played. A booster must have skill to carry almost every game, to lead his team towards victory. Most important qualities are durability, right attitude, never flame and mature approach towards the tasks. They all must have knowledge to play every role and be able to carry any map. Basically good skill, mentality, right attitude and leadership are what we look for. Thats why you should choose our heroes of the storm boosting services.

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3. What boosting service you can offer?

HotS Coaching - finest players with great game, maps and meta knowledge. Right mentality and determination to make you a better player. Believe in us and after a coaching session you will be a new and better player.

Heroes of the Storm Boosting – We will get you to any rank in fast and for cheap. We are all experienced players with high skill combined with the skill to communicate and lead even the hardest team to victory. Our boosters will secure you the best hots ranks boosting service.

Duo queuing with our pro players - want to make your rank higher or your mmr better and still be able to play on your own. Just buy a hots duoque boost and you will have a lot of wins. When you want to improve your gameplay you can order duo queue with voice communication and our player will help you enlarge your game knowledge.

Account powerleveling - Do you want to play with your friend in hero league as fast in possible or you maybe want to have level 40 before season starts. We will power level your account on no time. We also can provide Hero powerleveling.

Placment games – We can play all your placement games or part of it. Its best when you want to be placed as high as possible from the very start of your ranking season.

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4. What makes you better than other heroes of the storm boosting sites?

We got the best boosters. Many players with competitive experience and high tournament places work for us. We got coaches that know every aspect of their job. We will not only improve your ranks or levels. We can improve your mentality, your knowledge or even attitude. We can make you better player and can teach you how to think as a true pro gamer. You can play duo queue with us to improve instantly. We will do every hots boosting order fast, cheap and professionally.

If you got anymore questions, just hit our support chat. They will help you in no time and with everything you hold any concers about.

Reguards, MyBoosting.com team