What to expect from the latest expansion Journey to Un’Goro.

What to expect from the latest expansion Journey to Un’Goro.


What to expect from the latest expansion Journey to Un’Goro.

April 06 , 2017


As a newcomer to the Hearthstone boosting scene our website would like to help you a bit with a fast and effective adjustment to the latest HS patch.

Here is a brief explanation to the new features that this lovely card game will bring::

135 New cards. > Full list here <

This will most certainly change the current game meta. New decks and players will dominate the game. The ones that adjust to it quicker will have a huge edge over their opponents, so act fast and choose smart!

Everyone who logs in HS during the first couple of days after the expansion release will receive 3 free Journey to Un’Goro card packs.

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A new quest line - awarding Maiev, A new rogue hero portrait.

Blizzard is launching a brand new bunch of cards to the game called quest cards.

-Every class will have its unique, brand new quest card. Every quest requires you to do something in order to receive a really strong card. There are no neutral quest cards.

-The quest card will be always in your starting hand, and you will be able to keep track of the quest’s progress.

-Every class has only one unique quest card.

A new mechanic, called ADEPT is entering the game.

-Adept allows you to give one or all of your minions a special “buff” while the specific minion is alive

-There are 9 different kinds of adept:

+3 attack to a minion

+3 health to a minion

+1/+1 to a minion

Grants a minion Windfury

Grants a minion Taunt

Enhance a minion with Poisonous ability

Grants a minion Divine Shield

Grants a minion: Deathrattle: summon 2 1/1 plants

Enhance a minion: Can’t be targeted by spells or hero powers.

Grants a stealth to a minion before the start of your next turn.

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Another, brand new kind of minions will get live into the game. They are called Elementals.

Also when the Journey to Un’Goro hits live the following cards will be moved to wild game mode and wont be available for standard anymore:

-All Blackrock mountain cards will get into wild.

-All Grand Tournament cards will get into wild.

-All League of Explorers cards will get into wild.

Also the following cards from basic collection will be moved to wild mode and wont be usable in standard. The reason for this is that Blizzard considered they are currently being used in way too many meta decks, so they are willing to make the deck building way more flexible. The cards removed from standard:

Azure Drake

Sylvanas Windrunner

Ragnaros the Firelord

Power Overwhelming

Ice Lance


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