What kind of players will join the Artifact card game adventure

What kind of players will join the Artifact card game adventure


What kind of players will join the Artifact card game adventure

May 25 , 2018


The biggest question arising after the little leaks that came out the last month is "What kind of players will Artifact target".

The information gathered from our Artifact boosting team so far makes a few things clear. The game seems much more complexed than Hearthstone for example, but it is certain that Valve wants to steal away a big portion of the HS player base. That will most likely happen due to a few quite unpleasant aspects of Hearthstone.

As points on which Valve should be better than Blizzard in order to be successful we should mention: 1. Better ranking system; 2. Dust system replacement; 3. Larger pool of viable meta decks and cards; 4. Less RNG factor.



Of course as in each game we will have two main groups of players - Casuals and Competitive.

It certainly feels that the bigger focus will go into designing a game that will be to the liking of the Competitive, pro-oriented players. We heard of tournaments with large price pools and future competitive intentions, so that's a clear indication of Valve's road to take.

Artifact definitely seems way more complex than the straight forward Hearthstone game. This means that people will need more time to master the little tips and tricks that differ the average player from the best. Another thing that is also a factor is that Artifact will not be free-to-play. Valve will count on a more determined audience, willing to pay the price for the goods. We know that the micro transaction system of HS made quite significant income for Blizz, but maybe Valve are targeting an audience that is willing to dedicate more to the game and eventually turn their in-game needs into monetary reward for the developers.

On the other hand you can never leave the Casual players without a purpose to play. As mentioned above there are a few main aspects in HS that regularly make players who can dedicate only a couple of hours a day or week turn their back on the big grind towards the peak ranks. The monthly reset of the rank system, the absolute necessity to have viable decks and cards is a dominant factor when it comes to the question "Who will be able to grind the ladder". We hope that Artifact will give some love to the people that simply want to play a couple of games per day and allow them to compete on a higher level and reach better ranks even if they can not dedicate that much time. Of course Skill will be a factor that is obligatory to posses, but some can obtain that much faster than others. Other simple steps that need to be taken is to change the HS dust system with something that is not so punishing for a guy that plays an hour a day. You will never be able to build the ever changing meta decks with that much time in HS, we hope that Valve will make it possible for its new creation.

We know that the game is in safe hands and we believe that we will soon see a masterpiece that will attract players, dominate the market and give all types of players what they want.


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