December 07 , 2015

OVERWATCH FUTURE RANKING SYSTEM (the overwatch boosting opportunities)

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We are at the verge of a new era when it comes to FPS genre. Myboosting.com is one of the first websites that wants to announce its intention in getting involved professionally with ovw boosting. The announcement of competitive system in the game is official. Blizzard informed all the fans that if not with the very start of the game (June-July 2016), than a little bit after that a ranking system will be a fact. That is no surprise to anyone. A game so promising and full of action wouldn't be half as good without competitive aspect - something to aim for as a player. The tournaments have already started and there are a few events even at this early stage of the development. We are still in the closed beta period and a very little portion of the people that would actually play the game have the priviledge to play it now. However even among this so to say small community the battle has begun. Players aiming to get spotted by high tier companies that excel at forming teams - such as Cloud9, Fnatic and others. There are even a few self made tournaments and a lot of organized ones. You can check a portion of them in this Reddit section.

However the important fact is that we will enjoy the ranked aspect of the game. Anyone that likes playing a game at high level loves the challenge to climb the official ladder and claim the top spots. Myboosting is an organization that gathers promising players that perform exceptionally well to serve the needs of its customers. The Ranked Overwatch boost is a fact for us. Only time separates our service to come live with its full power. We have started researching some of the best performing players and we will soon start to group our Ovw boosters squad.


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A big portion of the competitive opportunites that the game will provide is still unknown. In our point of view, the game itself should get some fixes to be fit for competitive play. It's one thing to enjoy the game in a Quick (normal) match and to actually tryhard to win Ranks/Levels/Divisions. We still dont know how the system will look like and what the division will be called. We are expecting to see a ranking system from another Blizzard game, but we will keep our thoughts to ourselves for now.

There are a few things that all competitive games have:

OVERWATCH RANKED SYSTEM CLIMBING - Our overwatch boosting service will be targeting mainly this feature, which is inevitable to be impimented into the game. This is where you will shine as a solo player. If you perform at a high level and you outskill and outsmart your opponents you will progress towards the upper side of the overwatch ladder. If you perform poorly you will go lower and lower. The spot you take within this official ladder will be created to mirror your ingame performance. It's hard to imagine that it will be completely accurate, keeping in mind that each team at the current moment is formed by 6 individual players. You will be dependent on the allies you get matched with. This isn't however something that you should be scared of. Time will put you in the proper place you deserve. If you are stuck or dont have the time to grind to the place you want you can buy Overwatch boost from us and we will skyrocket your rank to the place you desire.

Playing in teambased games always gives you the chance to make a group of friends and play together.

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OVERWATCH DUOQ BOOOSTING - will most likely be one of our other main features. You will be given the chance to play with a pro player in your team and stomp the competition. Having a solid Overwatch veterain is always a good thing. You can not only climb the ladder easily, but you can also improve your own game by picking up tips,tricks and strategies while you play.

We are unsure but we presume that there will be an option to climb the ladder with more than just friend - in other words overwatch multiboosting is a real possibility. Not confirned, not even spoken of, but quite likely from our point of view.

OVW TEAM BOOSTING - You enjoy forming a team of friends and play the game together. Well if you enjoy that you will most certainly enjoy having your Team play at the top of the ladder with some of the highest rated formations in the worlds. Myboosting will make sure to have this option available for all it's customers.

OVERWATCH COACHING - Each game that requires skill, mechanics and strategic thinking means that a pro coach/teacher can boost your current level in a fast manner. A single coaching session means that you will harvest knowledge from a pro player that you would most likely have to harvest yourself for weeks/months or even years. We have experience in doing one of the most professional schedules when it comes to teaching our students. Overwatch coaching will be no exception as we will ensure only the best of the best to work for us. Their knowledge and skills is yours to take.

For all the other surprises that Blizzard is working on concerning the competitive play, we dont know anything. We are quick and flexible with our service and we will adjust accordingly. We hope that the game will give all it's fans what they deserve. The hype around Overwatch is one of the biggest on the gaming market lately and from what Myboosting.com has observed so far it is quite worth it!

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