When will Hots official ranked season start​?

When will Hots official ranked season start​?

Heroes of The Storm

When will Hots official ranked season start​?

October 06 , 2015

When is Heroes of the storm ranked season starting? (OUTDATED)


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This is information, not officially confermed by Blizzard. The word is that the official start will be around the Blizzcon event which is going to be on 6th and 7th November. We are excited about it not only because of the possibility of announcing the official season start, but also because it is going to be related with a lot of cool and competitive events. The company as we all know is guilty of creating some of the most awesome and most played platforms on the online gaming market. We are about to witness some great stuff on this event as every year so far. Although we think that this year the event is going to be even better because of Heroes of the Storm.

What will the Hots ranked season bring?

We are not sure about all the things that are planned for Hots in the official season, but we presume there is going to be a big patch with a lot of bugfixes and changes to the game. Mostly balancing the champions and making the game a bit more competitive. We presume the Grandmaster will be available from it's very beginning. With it a lot of top players will have one more challange to complete. If you are interested in getting to the highest places of the ladder we from Myboosting.com can give you all the necessary ingredients. Simply purchase Hots boostand you will be on the spot you want in no time.

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What will change in the game?

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Well with all new beginings there is higher competition when it comes to games. Everyone wants to climb the ladder and Get rank 1 or Grandmaster in the fastest way, so most probably you will be seeing a lot of tryhard guys in your games. Nothing wrong with it, the harder the better. We think that competition is what makes this game so fun and we welcome the higher difficulty. Our hots boosters will manage this task with no problem, we can assure you in that.

Additionally to that we are pretty sure that there will be season prizes for your achievements during the ranked season. The better you perform the more things you will get ( most probably unique gifts ). We are expecting somekind of prizes for the end of the preseason, but that is only in the hands of the developing company. We know that they will make the correct decision.

What are we to expect in the beginning of the hots new season?

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This one is simple! Placement games! The better you do in them the higher you will get placed. There are 20 placement games for each hots player that are to determine his skill level and put him in the right rank according to his performance.

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