Why to boost your hots MMR before the season ends and more

Why to boost your hots MMR before the season ends and more

Heroes of The Storm

Why to boost your hots MMR before the season ends and more

October 22 , 2015

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What is hots MMR boost and why is it important is the first stop of our article. Each player has a hidden rating in the game. That is sometimes corresponding to your current ranking in the ladder, but most of the times there is a slight (or big) difference between the actual rank and the hidden rating. Hots MMR boosting is probably even more important than your rank. The reason for that is that if you have high Match Making Rating you will receive more points for each win and less for each loss. Combined with the presance of better players in your games. It makes climbing much easier. So high MMR is the key to high Rank in Hots and is a good base to stay in the top spots. Another thing that is expected for the new (official season) is that although Ranking will be reset, MMR might stay relevant. Probably not in the same values but still gives a bit of an edge for the guys that performed good in the preseason. That is a thing that you should consider and a good enough reason for you to BUY HOTS BOOST.

How long is the new season expected to be

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Initial intel said nothing. The range could be from 1 month (seen in Hearthstone) to 1 year. There are a few discussions around the hots related groups and most people are voting for 3 - 4 - 5 months per season. According to their words it is not too short, so the actual good players can make it to the top and not too long, so that if you start with a big fail you wont need to wait for a year to begin on clear. MyBoosting.com as a hots boosting site thinks that seasons should be around 5-6 months. It is not just to be able to get to a top spot, it is also so that you prove that you can keep it! Some players will be able to dominate games vs easier opponents and get to the high standings, but once they meet the actual good players and they are no longer able to solo rek the games they might fall down quickly. So basicly being on the top doesnt always guarantee that you are one of the best. You might have your tricks vs the worse players, but these dont usually work against the peak spot pro players. Most of the times ofcourse if you manage to get there you deserve it and you will probably be able to keep your spot.

Another thing that is quite relevant when we are deciding how long a season will be is the way the rank system will be set permenantly. If Grandmaster boost requires too long to climb, than the actual season should be longer. There are also other factors that should be decided and it's all in the hands of the game developers. Lets hope they make it as competitive as possible, but without losing the fun! In all cases we think that anything below 4 months is not a good idea.

Eventually we found something really interesting

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How about MMR utilizing a rolling three month system? That way your old rating falls off as you skill evolves. - This is a quote from a Blizzard representative. This is a test idea that we think the developers are putting out there to farm a bit of feedback. Here is ours - although the idea is not bad, it is not good eighter. You are basicly forcing players to play a lot of time to get to the high spots of the ladder. Sometimes there are real life things that require attention and for a hots fan you will be missing out a big part of these 3 months which will lead to you not getting to where you actually deserve to be. Besides that it will make the ladder more random. With so many resets a random player can actually get a few wins by luck and get placed in a tier he does not belong. If the season is longer eventually this player will simply drop to the point where he actually stands skillwise. We believe that 4-5 monts is the minimum required for a steady and accurate result in the ladder system.

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