Why is Fortnite the best King of the Hill type of game to play

Why is Fortnite the best King of the Hill type of game to play


Why is Fortnite the best King of the Hill type of game to play

February 09 , 2018


The battle royale games are attracting massive attention the last year. Numerous new games of the genre popped the last months and more are yet to be released. The battle among these games is fierce but it is almost certain which game can be crowned victorious in this intense competition. All King of the Hill games have one specific end goal - to be the last man standing. Some games start their battles with 50, 100, 150 and even 200 players on the battlefield. Depending on how much action you like in your games you can opt to go for the higher population games. However the number indicating starting players does not always mean that there will be more fights in them. Players are spread throughout the map and most opponents will be eliminated by others, not specifically by you. The map size also matters, since it is a determining factor of how common it will be to spot other players while roaming it. Bigger spaces mean less encounters.

Weapon choices is also very important. Some games have massive diversity in that regard. There are unique ways to aim, shoot, calculate distance and other factors that the developers implement to make their products better, more balanced and fun to play.

The battle royale mode in each online game require first of all good knowledge of the game, the map, the weapons and how you can get advantage over your opponents. It is an absolute necessity to have good strategical thinking, a decent aim and depending on the game you play, other important skills. You have probably tested 1 or 2 games prior to joining the massive Fortnite fan base, so you are likely aware of the similarities and differences that each product has to offer. Of course we are not saying that other games of the genre are not worth it, quite the opposite - they might be a much better fit for your requirements and skill set.



First I need to make a note that this is my personal point of view, anyone is free to disagree with it.

The unique mixture of the game offers it all:

Fast-paced action and development of the game. It usually takes around 25 minutes from start to end (that is if you end up in the top 5 players). Although when you play the game it might seem like you are in a single game for hours, it really isn't so. This comes from the fact that there are different stages that you go through - item searching, a few fights, roaming, positioning, planing where to go and how to get there and more.

Optimized map. Very well prepared map, that will evolve in the future. We already saw a couple of huge changes to the map since the early release of the game. It has exactly the right amount of spots to go to, without being overcrowded on every location and without the need to go for 10 minutes from one location to the next one.

Weapon diversity. You have a weapon for every situation. Of course you need to find it first, but that's also an aspect of the game that we love - the RNG factor (You never know if you'll get a shotgun or a grenade launcher).
There are pistols, shotguns, machine guns, assault rifles, smgs, snipers, crossbows, grenades, rocket launchers, traps and more. You can feel how different the game is when you don't have some of the top weapons in your inventory, your strategy changes entirely to best fit what you currently have.

Building. This is a feature that most other games do not have. It takes a bit of time to master the ability to build properly, but once you get the hang of it ... oh boy ... it gets super fun. The advantages you can get from creating your constructions are numerous and in most cases differ the good from bad player.

Great player base. Yes, this is also an important thing to mention. Since Fortnite has such a massive player base you will find games extremely quick. No need to wait 2-5 minutes queues to start fighting. It usually takes just a few seconds till you get a match. The statistics show a record increase of daily and weekly new comers that play regularly. If that tendency continues with the same speed soon even your grandparents will be playing Fortnite xD.

100 opponents. In our yes this number is either perfect or close to perfect. I would personally want to test the game with lets say 20-25 people more, but i think that the current number is exactly right. This gives the game faster pace, option to go on specific locations and adjust your strategy to what you are really good at. Some of you might not like to fight in the early stages - no problem, pick a location where few people drop and you are guaranteed to have starting weapons in your inventory, after that you can go on a mid-late game rampage mission to execute your enemies.

Constant developer updates. It is vital for a game to have both good customer feedback and a hard working developing team behind it. You can see that with each patch the game receives more and more features. I have not seen a single update that i do not like. It really shows the efforts and the dedication of the managing firm to make this game shine above the rest. So far they have been doing a fantastic job and as we mentioned in our previous articles the game is not officially launched yet in it's full glory. This will happen sometime in 2018 (no date announced).

Playing with your friends. Squad is my personal favorite mode to play. It is just pure pleasure to go with 3 friends and shoot like crazy. It really isn't just about winning, even if you end up at #2 (which kinda hurts) you still end up with that happy face. Why - because you enjoyed playing the game! Another thing worth mentioning here is the fact that Fortnite has a CROSS PLATFORM option to play. Meaning that if you want to play on your PC with a friend that has Play station you have the chance to do so!

There are other unique and fun things that really differ the game from the rest. I'll leave you guys find them yourselves while trying to achieve that Rank #1 spot in solo / duo or squad. If you ever need help with these our Fortnite Win boost team will be happy to get the job done for you!

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