The Witchwood - Hearthstone expansion information

The Witchwood - Hearthstone expansion information


The Witchwood - Hearthstone expansion information

March 14 , 2018


The Witchwood

Here is what our Hearthstone boost team found out so far:

It will contain 135 new cards and once again each class will have 2 legendary cards. There will be only one hero card and it will be for the Shaman class. Its name will be Hagatha – a powerful creature whose sorcery created the Witchwood.

As the new expansion comes there will be some free stuff for everyone – 3 packs, 1 random legendary card and up to four card packs for completing daily quests in the lead-up to the expansion.

The set will also feature its single player mode scenario called The Monster Hunt. It will be quite similar to the Dungeon Run from Kobolds and Katacombs. However this time you will assume the role of a special type of hero like from example The Tracker or The Time Tinkerer. You will defeat various monsters from The Witchwood and gather loot to make your deck stronger. For those who manage to finish The Monster Hunt successfully there is a special cardback.

Talking about cardbacks there is another one you can get if you preorder. Something different about the preorder this time is that it nets you 70 packs instead of 50.


Now let’s take a look at some of cards that have been revealed so far and comment on the new mechanics:

Rush. Blizzard are really afraid of charge because this mechanic has broken the game on many occasions. This is why they are introducing a balanced version of charge. Minions with Rush can attack other minions the same turn they are played. This is basically the ability of Charged Devilsaur. The card with Rush they’ve revealed is Militia Commander ( ). I think this minion is pretty good for controlling the board. It remains to be seen if it will find its home in some warrior archetype from the new meta.

Echo. Cards with the echo keyword can be replayed multiple times in a single turn. Those cards work like Unstable Evolution though Blizzard officially confirmed they will not add the Echo keyword to Unstable Evolution. The card revealed for this mechanic is Phantom Militia ( ). I believe in most cases this card is vastly inferior to Saronite Chain-Gang. However, I like the mechanic overall and as long as they don’t print a very cheap minion with echo and break the Quest Rogue archetype I’ll be happy to experiment with it.

New ways of deckbuilding. Do you remember when Reno Jackson brought up many questions regarding whether it was worth it to sacrifice some deckbuilding choices for a powerful effect of a single card? Now after we have played with Kazakus and Raza the Chained we know for sure that some effects are really worth it. This expansion introduces another type of restrictions for deckbuilding. Let’s take a look at Baku the Mooneater ( ). Obviously playing 7/8 stats for 9 mana is not something one would do even in Arena. However if you decide to put this card and only odd-Cost other cards in your deck you get a really powerful effect from the very start of the game – your hero power gets upgraded (in the way Justicar Trueheart does that). Just imagine a mage that can ping for 2 damage from turn 2 or the good old control warrior gaining 4 armor. I’m definitely looking forward to playing with this card. There is another legendary in this set that will require only even-Cost cards in your deck and will reduce your starting hero power to 1 mana ( ). I don’t believe this effect is powerful enough for making such sacrifice but you never know.

Let’s not forget that three sets will rotate when The Witchwood comes out so there will be a lot of room for deck building and meta changes. As usual our Hearthstone coaches will provide you with the best decks and strategies to play them.

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