The year is 2016 - What do we expect from Heroes of the Storm

The year is 2016 - What do we expect from Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of The Storm

The year is 2016 - What do we expect from Heroes of the Storm

January 02 , 2016


Our HotS boosting team followed the last year closely and with excitement. 2015 was an amazing experience for all the Heroes of the Storm fans. We had some ups and downs, but altogether it was beneficial both for the game and it's players. The developers spotted their weaksides and started working hard to fix the few aspects of the game that was dragging it down. First and most importantly that was the competitive matchmaking system. The first steps towards a better high-skilled competition have been made. We saw new champions, bug fixes, talent changes and a lot of new and exciting maps bringing the versatility of the game nowhere to be matched among the MOBA platforms. We are seeing better things with each new patch. For a game so young it has much more to grow and become truly the master of the ganre.

Our HotS boost service proved to be of top quality in the last year and will keep on proving that in the 2016th. Our client base is getting bigger and bigger and the satisfaction rate is unprecedented. We will keep on giving you amazing promo packs, discounts and overall the best Heroes boosting service that you can wish for. Keep a close eye of Myboosting, we are expanding our website, our service and our performance non-stop.

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The developers promised to give us the best competitive scene environment. It's up to us - all the players in the Nexus to prove that their hard work was not in vain. We are excited to see the changes in the ranked system. The Grandmaster rank is one of the most expected features to be seen. Rank 1 is simply not enough at the current moment. There are so many players out there that want to prove that they are the top players in their regions, that this new feature will only make them play more, fight more, get better daily. We heard a few of the new exciting heroes that 2016th will bring in the Nexus. We also heard some unconfirmed speculations about many more characters. One thing is for sure - the game will not stay in one place, it will bring more and more amazing features, champions and maps.

The Arena game mode is another topic that is discussed in many forums and fan sites. It looks promising and entertaining. Knowing Blizzard we all know that we wont be disappointed at the end.

Myboosting will be continuing providing its Heroes of the Storm boosting & coaching service throughout the 2016th. We are anticipating the start of the first official season. The date is set to be sometime February- March. We are not in a rush, so should all the players be. We want a flawless game when we start the real game. The competitive play will erupt with the official season changes. That is for sure and we will be there to help anyone that needs a little bit of guidance in the game.

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