Zagara - Hots Boost Hero Guide

Zagara - Hots Boost Hero Guide

Heroes of The Storm

Zagara - Hots Boost Hero Guide

December 14 , 2015


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Zagara can also be a lane pusher, even without mercs. Even without Demolitionist her roaches, hydras and even banelings suck up ammo. Combined with her crazy damage she could quickly tear down towers and a fort if left alone. She can usually dominate a lane early game. Hydras can bully away anyone in an even fight.

That said, our Heroes of the Storm boosters usually use her for zone control, vision and setting up combos with her Devouring Maw.


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Zagara is strong early game hero, that excels in dueling and pushing. Her best maps are those, where you constantly fight in between levels 4 to 10. After that point, until level 16, her power diminishes, and her damage output becomes avarage. Her lack of mobility makes her vulnerable from ganks, even at early levels, where she is the strongest. Be watchful if the enemy team has a good roaming heroes like Jaina, Nova, Zeratul, Kerrigan and Tyrande.

Zagara is the Queen of duels. With constantly applying your W on the enemy hero, it is almost impossible to lose your lane. Combined with her passive, providing vision, ganking her is not easy either. Her best matchups are against squishy assassins like Valla, Raynor, KT, putting a Hydra on then, removes them from the fight for its duration. Zagara one of the strongest specialists in the game, making Hots boosting with her a piece of cake.


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Level 1: Reconstitution is a default pick. It provides value the whole game. It gives a lot of sustain early game, much needed for fighting over the first objectives.

Level 4: Envenomed Spines give extra range and poison DOT which adds up. Staying away from enemy heroes is a big deal. Poking at range with this and Hunter Killer means enemy heroes will have a hard time staying in XP range during the lane phase.

Level 7: Rapid Incubation is an amazing talent. Most games, while boosting, I don't ever have to hearth, which means more XP and push power for the team. The more important part is the extra mana as without this talent Zagara often finds herself mana starved. Be aware, that the talent has to be channeled, so using it out of position can lead to unwanted deaths.

Level 10: Devouring Maw is a soldi Heroic ability. It can turn fights around, by picking two or more key targets with it, setting up for a huge combo. It is also very useful for disengage, as well as path blocking. It may not seem right to use that ultimate as a force wall, but some times is better to black Diablo's path of retreat, than to make him immune, to damage for 3 seconds. Our Hots boost team have had amazing moments with this ultimate, landing it on top of the entire enemy team.

Level 13: At this point, Zagara turns in to a support dps, rather than carry. Mutalisk lets your hunte chase people longer, farther, and even outrun them around some terrain. And it does more damage overall than Grooved Spines against multiple targets, which makes it good on maps with tight chokes.

Level 16: Brood Expansion makes up for Zagara's los of power in the late game. Double hunters just plain kills people if they don't run. It's also nice on merc camps and bosses for a quick take.

Level 20: Hopefully the game will be over way before the last talents come online. But if it didn't, Bolt of the Storm is what Zagara needs. Her lack of mobility is reliability, and that talent makes up for it.

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