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Heroes of the Storm Duoqueue Rank boosting FAQ

If the FAQ did not answer your question feel free to contact us!

​How does HoTS Duoqueue Division boosting work?

Once you place your order and provide the information needed to contact you we will assign you a duo queue booster within the next few hours. He will contact you via the information you have filled in – Skype or in-game with your Battle tag.

The end rank you select under the graph “Desired division” is guaranteed. You will play with our booster until you reach that rank. For longer orders it is required that you are available an average of 4 – 5 hours a day so that your boost can be finished within a reasonable timeframe. All delays due to the absence of the clients to play are at his/her own expense. No account information will be required by you except your Battle tag. You can also always transfer your duo queue boost into a normal hero league boost.



Myboosting.com reserves the right to transform your HotS Duo Queue division boost into a normal (solo/piloted) boost; to partially refund the client for the remaining part of the boost or to store the remaining amount of money as a stored credit in cases where it becomes extremely hard for our boosters to carry the Duo client.(All options will be available for the customer in such cases, so that he can choose the one preferred) This rules applies only for orders from Platinum and above! WHY? - read below for full information.

Carrying a game requires a lot of skill. Even if you are the best player in the world in Heroes of the Storm you still require to have at least some support from your team.

There are cases where the client is simply not fit to compete at the higher levels. In these situations it becomes a lot more complicated even for a highly skilled and experienced player to end up with a good win rate. We know that everyone thinks they can play with the big boys, but the reality is different in some cases.

If that happens Myboosting.com will give the client options he can choose from:
1. Get the boost done as a solo order (account information will be required) and refund partially the money difference between the remaining of the order as a DuoQ and a SoloQ boost according to our pricing lists.
2. Partially refund the client for the unfinished part of the boost according to our pricing lists and stop the progress of the order.
3. Keep the remaining amount of money calculated according to our pricing lists as a Stored credit in our site and use them for future orders, regardless of the type they are.

We want to assure you that we have one of the best players at your disposal here, but sometimes it is unreasonable to delay or risk not finishing a job.


Why to choose MyBoosting.com?

First of all we guarantee the quality of our services. Anything that you purchase will be executed in the most professional way.

If you have any specific demands concerning your order we will always take them into consideration and strictly follow them. Our live support is on a high level and happy to answer any questions that might arise. Clients satisfaction is our number one priority.



We are implementing a new feature into the site in the upcoming month that will allow all of our customers to give their opinion on our service! Till then:

Overwatch feedback: LINK

Heroes of the Storm feedback: LINK



Registered users in our website have some additional functions that are unavailable for the rest. In order to use these features you need to Register or Log in before placing your order. If you forget to do so message the support team and they will put your order on your profile

Using our members area allows you to:
- Keep track of all your current and completed orders
- Know when you have a booster assigned to your order
- Know if your booster has issues logging in your account to start the boost
- Have direct link (Chatbox) to your assigned booster
- Follow the progress of your order(s)
- Pause/unpause the progress of your order
- Edit your account login information

- Know when your order is completed (Status will be "Completed - waiting for approval") and more

Visit this LINK for full information on how to use our Members area (video included)


​How do I order?

It is really simple! Fill in all the required field on the Forms above. Mark the “Terms of use confirmation button” Check the details that you entered so that they are accurate.

Once you click the “Confirm order” button you will be redirected to Paypal – add your username and password and confirm the order. That’s all! We are ready to start.

Registering in our site prior to purchasing is optional but quite useful for both sides ;)



​Is my account safe?

For duoqueue you have absolutely nothing to worry about. You are in no violation of any of the Blizzard rules when you buy duoqueue boosting.


​Time required for my boost?

Our boosters are available between 6 to 14 hours daily, but in order to give you a timeframe for your boost we need to know how much time you can play the game per day/week.


​Payment methods?

Currently the only way of payment we accept is PayPal. Please note that if you don't have a PayPal account, you can pay with a Credit Card without creating an account.

PayPal is the world leader in payments on the internet and therefore 100% safe.