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Heroes of the Storm Team League boosting FAQ

If the FAQ did not answer your question feel free to contact us!

​How does HoTS Team league boosting work?

First of all you need to choose whether you will play with our boosters. Choosing 4 boosters means that you will play all the games with your assigned boosters.

If you dont mark the I will play with 4 boosters button means that all 5 players will be from our boosting team. Based on that you need to provide Battle net account information for 4 or 5 accounts that our players will use. Voice communication and ingame tips are included in the price if you choose to play with 4 of our boosters.

In each case we will have to contact you to acquire the information for all the accounts that will play in Team league. To do so - leave your contact details or contact us via the live chat at the bottom right of the screen (If we are online) or via our email/skype.

After checking that all the accounts information is correct your order will be started. Note that Team league boosts might not always be started instantly or within a few hours. The end result is guaranteed. Your team will receive a boost to the rank that you have selected. After the completion of the order you will receive your accounts and enjoy the team league competition.


​Why to choose MyBoosting.com?

First of all we guarantee the quality of our services. Anything that you purchase will be executed in the most professional way. If you have any specific demands concerning your order we will always take them into consideration and strictly follow them.

Our live support is on a high level and happy to answer any questions that might arise. Clients satisfaction is our number one priority.


How do I order?

It is really simple! Fill in all the required field on the Forms above. Mark the “Terms of use confirmation button” Check the details that you entered so that they are accurate. Once you click the “Confirm order”button you will be redirected to Paypal – add your username and password and confirm the order. That’s all! We are ready to start.

Once you click the “Confirm order”button you will be redirected to Paypal – add your username and password and confirm the order. That’s all! We are ready to start.


​Is my account safe?

Your account is 100% safe with us. We require only the information that is usually necessary to log onto your account. Our boosters use VPN, so they can adjust the location of their IPs close to where you live.

We will never talk with your friend list unless you want us to. No flaming, cursing or any type of negative attitude is allowed to our boosters. If you have concerns about the safety feel free to contact us.


​Time required for my boost?

We work with a few of the top seeded teams in their respected regions. The time to finish the order will be shorter then you expect.


​Payment methods?

Currently the only way of payment we accept is PayPal. Please note that if you don't have a PayPal account, you can pay with a Credit Card without creating an account.

PayPal is the world leader in payments on the internet and therefore 100% safe.


​Account ranked play requirements?

In order to play in Team league your account needs to be level 40 or above and posses at least 10 champions. You are not allowed to play Team league games while the boosting is ongoing.

You can play normal games though for which there might be a little delay for the completion of your order. All accounts provided by the customer need to fit the requirements.