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Skill Rating Maintain

Stop your Overwatch Skill rating decay. Maintain your rank.

Overwatch anti-decay service. Keep the rank you have achieved or increase it.

  • Similar or Higher SR guaranteed
  • Per week maintain
  • Up to 4600+ SR

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OVERWATCH Skill rating maintain FAQ

What is Overwatch skill rating maintain?

Overwatch skill rating maintain is a service, exclusively offered by Myboosting.com that prevents your skill rating from decaying. This service includes playing at least 5 games every week for the amount of weeks you have selected. We will either keep your current SR or increase it by a bit. All 5 games are usually played on a day that you want or if you prefer we can just play 1 game each day!


How does Overwatch skill rating maintain work exactly?

Keep in mind that this is not a boosting service. The main purpose is not to increase your rank but to stop the inactivity decay.

Example: I am 3840 skill rating right now. I purchase rank maintaining for 2 weeks. This means that next week you will be 3840 skill rating or a bit more, after 2 weeks, you will be at the same skill rating range or slightly higher.


What options do I have for this service?

Myboosting.com offers 2 different options for rank maintain:

Piloted skill rating maintain - this means that a booster from our team will log on your account and play the 5 games each week instead of you. Account sharing is required.

DuoQueue (selfplay) skill rating maintain - this option gives you the chance to play the 5 games in a party with one (or more) of our boosters for the desired amount of weeks. Similar to the Solo version we will try to maintain your rank close to starting.


Important about skill rating maintain

Both piloted and duoqueue options have the following rules - If you decide to play yourself and lose skill rating, you will have to pay extra for the SR you have lost, or we will maintain the skill rating you have dropped to.

Example: I am at 3800 skill rating and i purchased maintain for 5 weeks. The booster plays my 5 games in the first week but after the 5 games are completed i decide to play 3 games and drop to 3720 skill rating. In this case, if you want it maintained at 3800 or above you will either have to pay for the extra boost back to 3800 skill rating or the maintain rating will become 3720.



We keep things simple here. If you need something we provide it exactly as it should be done. We guarantee the quality of each of our services. Our boosters and coaches are selected after a number of tests to see if they fit the requirements. We have proven to be the top HotS and Ow boosting service on the market due to hard work and high satisfaction rate!

If you have any specific demands or concerns we would be happy to assist you in any way possible. Our live support is online 24/7 and will help you if you have questions or simply want to have a chat! XD

Client's satisfaction and confidentiality is our number 1 priority. There are strict rules within our organization guaranteeing that things will always go the right way.

Thank you for choosing the quality service!



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