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If you are searching for a dedicated and informative player in Overwatch I am your guy. I can teach most people how to climb the ladder little by little. Competition is where i shine. I never played normal games in any of the multiplayers I've started. The more action the game brings the better and Overwatch is the definition of action. I've been spending loads of time playing the game and am currently playing for one of the top European teams.

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September , 06,2017

"Took WAY too long. A little over 3 hours for 2 wins."

Client: dl5983 Booster: Sven

Rating: 1/5
OW Win Boost

April , 16,2017

"Best booster NA.. A kind person and a God."

Client: Drew B Booster: Sven

Rating: 5/5
2600 MMR
1599 - 2600
OW Skill Rating

April , 14,2017

"Used his placement service. It was a fresh account and he got me 2840 (Plat) so I couldn't be happier. He kept me informed and did an exceptional job. "

Client: David M Booster: Sven

Rating: 5/5

OW Placements

March , 28,2017

"took way too long"

Client: jesse d Booster: Sven

Rating: 1/5

OW Leveling