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About Razor_Xbox

Age: 18

Nationality: British, Time Zone: (GMT +01:00) 04:04

Rank: Top100

Current Rank: Top100

Rating 4.6/5
  • Meta game expert
  • Mechanics expert
  • Amazing support player and teacher
  • Dedicated
  • Analyst

By using me for coaching, I can take your gameplay to the next level and allow you to carry on the classes you play. By finding your flaws and helping you correct them. Support is my main role, but I also have a lot of experience with tanks and DPS. I have reached top 50 solo on Zenyatta. and been GM every season.

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September , 10,2017

"Such a great booster and he was so quick to complete my order. Planning to choose him for duo queue/coaching soon!"

Client: Lolo Booster: Razor_Xbox

Rating: 5/5
2850 MMR
2441 - 2850
OW Skill Rating

July , 31,2017

"Razor was super amazing and quick to answer any questions! Plays the meanest Zenyatta. 11/10 Would definitely use again! Thank you so much Razor!"

Client: mercykill Booster: Razor_Xbox

Rating: 5/5
3500 MMR
3045 - 3500
OW Skill Rating

July , 27,2017

"Very helpful and patient. prepares and plans and explains everything very well"

Client: Jack F Booster: Razor_Xbox

Rating: 5/5

OW Coaching

July , 09,2017

"Never lost a single game, got me a rare achievement, super swell guy. 10/10 for sure. "

Client: Therbear Booster: Razor_Xbox

Rating: 5/5
3000 MMR
2615 - 3000
OW Skill Rating

July , 01,2017

"Super super sweet and completed my order SO FAST! and when i say fast i mean literally right after i ordered. let me watch the stream and also answered my questions. would def recommend :D he's really great. "

Client: Selina M Booster: Razor_Xbox

Rating: 5/5
OW Win Boost

June , 12,2017

"Very chill dude and, as expected, an absolute steamroller."

Client: 7 6 Booster: Razor_Xbox

Rating: 5/5
2700 MMR
2429 - 2700
OW DuoQ skill rating

June , 07,2017

"First time using service. Customer service and the booster/coach, couldn't be more helpful and responsive. I would give 6 stars if it was an option."

Client: Max D Booster: Razor_Xbox

Rating: 5/5
3000 MMR
2697 - 3000
OW Skill Rating

June , 05,2017

"Started at 2919 and went down to 2872... suppose to duoq and had a friend who was his "secretary" in the game the whole time. RIP"

Client: Louis M Booster: Razor_Xbox

Rating: 1/5
OW DuoQ games

June , 02,2017

"9/10 wins, did great."

Client: R.R S Booster: Razor_Xbox

Rating: 5/5

OW Placements

May , 13,2017

"He's the man was alot of fun playing "

Client: Johnny M Booster: Razor_Xbox

Rating: 5/5
OW DuoQ games