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September , 22,2017

"Great booster, highly recommend"

Client: First L Booster: Cry_Thunder

Rating: 5/5

OW Placements

September , 19,2017

"Very quick, great win rate! Completed lightning fast"

Client: Ken W Booster: Cry_Thunder

Rating: 5/5

overwatch maintain skill rating

September , 13,2017

"good and fast love it"

Client: Benjamin B Booster: Cry_Thunder

Rating: 5/5
3500 MMR
3417 - 3500
OW Skill Rating

September , 04,2017

"Really nice guy and great player 10/10 -IGN"

Client: Sam S Booster: Cry_Thunder

Rating: 5/5

OW Placements

August , 27,2017

"Ordered Lucio ball placements, booster won 2 out of 10. No questions, he did all the 20 net wins afterwards. This got me to rating which you would usually get with 5-6 wins in placements. Perfectly average result, total waste of money. (this of course has nothing to do with booster's real skill in real games at all)"

Client: Kir K Booster: Cry_Thunder

Rating: 2/5

OW Placements

August , 24,2017

"Bro youre the real MVP! thanks man, definitely going to be coming back :D"

Client: Victor O Booster: Cry_Thunder

Rating: 5/5

OW Placements