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January , 20,2018

"Very nice and good booster! Already placed another order!"

Client: Maxi C Booster: Shiro

Rating: 5/5
1500 MMR
1353 - 1500
ow duo sr

December , 10,2017

"Shiro is the chillest guy I could ask for to help out with my account. He took care of that Plat elo hell in a little over 24 hours and got me to masters, bumping my sr up by almost a thousand! He's also super communicative, he kept me posted with SR changes and always answered my questions. I couldn't ask for a better service! I'll surely be a returning customer. Thank you!"

Client: Tahir A Booster: Shiro

Rating: 5/5
3650 MMR
2758 - 3650
ow sr

November , 28,2017

"great work done! positive pro playing with good streaming services"

Client: Mario Booster: Shiro

Rating: 5/5
4281 MMR
4231 - 4281
ow sr

November , 16,2017


Client: SIX Booster: Shiro

Rating: 5/5
3522 MMR
3472 - 3522
ow sr

October , 19,2017

"Well played very helpful"

Client: julian G Booster: Shiro

Rating: 5/5
2690 MMR
2015 - 2690
OW Skill Rating

September , 14,2017

"Shiro is super efficient and professional. Responsive to questions and fun to watch and learn from. Outstanding customer service."

Client: Barry H Booster: Shiro

Rating: 5/5
3100 MMR
2415 - 3100
OW Skill Rating

September , 11,2017

"Shiro is fast and clean. All wins! Sometimes you just need a boost out of ELO hell and this dude is the salvation."

Client: Carl M Booster: Shiro

Rating: 5/5
2550 MMR
2218 - 2550
OW Skill Rating

September , 10,2017

"10/10 Would recommend. Super friendly and he kept me updated throughout the entire thing! "

Client: OLIVER V Booster: Shiro

Rating: 5/5
3000 MMR
2355 - 3000
OW Skill Rating

September , 08,2017

"Awesome booster! Kept me informed and played like a beast!"

Client: Ryan R Booster: Shiro

Rating: 5/5

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