Derek (offline)


About Derek

Age: 28

Nationality: Uruguay, Time Zone: (GMT -04:00) 08:35

Rank: Grand master - 4000+

Current Rank: 82

Rating 5.0/5
  • Mechanics expert
  • Great at explaining meta picks and comps
  • Amazing support player and teacher
  • Patient
  • Dedicated

I am one of the best mechanically skilled Lucio players in the American servers. I have mastered the art of jumping, climbing and surprising the enemies! I can teach anyone how to get good at Lucio. I am a very well rounded player and i do play a lot of different roles and heroes, although supporting is my most successful. I understand the meta of the game and the competitive aspect of Overwatch. I managed to be one of the first players to reach Heroic rank on my server. I also have experience playing in tournaments. I can provide extremely helpful advises both for solo players and for teams looking to improve their coordination and strategies. I am a really good shotcaller and i have a great sense for the game in general. Try me out and you will see yourself!

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October , 11,2017

"Derek helped me to Top 60! Super strong! Recommended!"

Client: Shad Booster: Derek

Rating: 5/5
4225 MMR
4012 - 4225
OW Skill Rating

August , 26,2017

"Excellent service!! The boosters and services are recommended at a high level !!!"

Client: N S Booster: Derek

Rating: 5/5
4219 MMR
3279 - 4219
OW Skill Rating

August , 18,2017

"Faster than expected! The 10-win streak was real! Derek is the man! Will come back again!"

Client: Shad Booster: Derek

Rating: 5/5
4000 MMR
3507 - 4000
OW Skill Rating

August , 17,2017

"Played really well. Except for the last game when you were lagging."

Client: Shad Booster: Derek

Rating: 5/5

OW Placements

August , 16,2017

"thank you!"

Client: sasuke y Booster: Derek

Rating: 5/5

OW Placements

August , 12,2017

"Great player and fun!"

Client: Joe K Booster: Derek

Rating: 5/5

OW Placements

December , 05,2016

"best booster :) fast and OP "

Client: Kevin Booster: Derek

Rating: 5/5
80 MMR
54 - 80
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