Coaching/ DatGuyM




Rank:Peak 4351

Roles: DPS mainly but have high experience in all roles


Price per hour:$30



  • Mechanics expert
  • Positioning
  • Explanations are simple to understand
  • In-depth analysis
  • Understanding team fights
  • Counters
  • Understanding certain picks on certain maps


My peak SR for Season 2 is 4351. I solo qued myself to my highest...No partners. I play a ton of Overwatch and have a ton of knowledge to be able to make you a better individual player or as a team. Have scrim/tournament experience in Overwatch also. I take every game in the past and apply to current games. Counter-strike = I take strategic approach, Super Smash Brothers = I take mind games, Unreal tournament 2k4 = I take raw aim, and LoL = I take abilities vs other heroes/cooldown management. This is why I accelerate at games faster than others is because of my past experience. You will not be disappointed at all in coaching from me.

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