Coaching/ EnvY




Rank:Top 50

Roles: Flex DPS, Offtank and Support


Price per hour:$30



  • Organised approach
  • In-depth analysis of your strengths and weaknesses
  • Focus on positioning
  • game sense and honing mechanical skill
  • Good communication
  • clear explanations
  • extensive knowledge of the meta game and every hero
  • How to adapt to maximise success in a solo-q environment for every level
  • Always seeking improvement in myself and others
  • Flexible schedule


I have played games like CS, Quake, Gunz and GW2 on a top level for many years and led my teams to success in international LAN tournaments. I have competitive experience in Overwatch and am currently playing for an up-and-coming EU team.

As a coach, I am very experienced and passionate about sharing my knowledge to people who want to improve. I don't believe in "spoonfeeding" or thinking for you, my goal is to help you develop new insights and understanding so you can be more self-aware and self-sufficient. I am very confident about working with individuals of all skill levels and take great pride in the success of my clients.

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