Tier One Heroes

This Overwatch champion tier list is made to mirror the solo queue competitive play strength of different heroes in the game. Starting from the best of them, the most versatile and overpowered. Click on your champion of choice to see the full guide for each of them.

Tier Two Heroes

A few Overwatch heroes that can provide exactly what you need in different situations. Consider picking them in your games.

Tier Three Heroes

Although this is the lowest tier the few selected here have their unique strong sides but others outperform them in most situations. These few champions are selected in specific situations and in scenarios where their strengths will really shine.

This Overwatch Champion tier list is constructed to mirror mostly the solo matches strength of the heroes in Overwatch. On high team based competitive level a variety of champions are mixed to make the best out of all heroes and form an unbeatable composition. Our Hero tier list is designed to help mostly the solo players on their road towards self-improvement. Consider the tips given in the Champion guides and try them out in your games. You will most likely feel the difference instantly. Sometimes a bit more time is required. Follow our Champion guides for updates and additional information.

Keep in mind that different compositions and chamipons are better for Attacking while some perform well on the Defense. Accurate selecting can give a big edge in your matches!

Example Competitive compositions that are extremely strong at the moment are :
Zenyata (almost a must pick) Lucio, McCree, Genji, Reinhard/D.va, Zarya

Reinhard/D.va/Roadhog , Zarya, Reaper, McCree, Lucio, Zenyata

McCree feels the most highly contested offensive champion together with Genji, an occasional Soldier 76/ reaper and Tracer are played also. The thing that professional teams value most is the synergy that different champions have when matched together. In that regard something like Zarya + Hanzo can also be an interesting sight to see with their devastating combination of ultimates.

A most common role picking is 2 support + 2 offense heroes and 1 / 2 champions from the other two roles.