• Role Tank (offtank)
  • Difficulty
  • Keyword Mech


Tier: 2

About D.Va

Main strengths: Hard to kill, Great area control with her Defense matrix, Good damage output from short range, Can win most 1v1s, Double life (mech), Great objective protector.

Main weaknesses: Occasional and predictable ultimate, No long range damage, Has viable counters

Favourtable maps and modes: D.Va is fit for most maps and modes but excels when protecting or attacking through choke points.

Defend / Attack specifics: As defender you need to time your Defensive matrix properly to block damage. Stay in the frontline when its up and get a bit back when it's down. As attacker you need to be the guy making the push (possibly with Reinhardt). Providing safety for your backline is essential.

Synergises with: Ana, Reinhardt, Mercy

Countered by: Zarya, Mei, Reaper, Genji, Reinhardt