• Role Support
  • Difficulty
  • Keyword Reliable


Tier: 3

About Lucio

MAIN STRENGTHS: High mobility, Reliable AOE Heal and Speed boost, Amazing ultimate, Great teamfighter, Extremely hard to kill, Unpredictable

MAIN WEAKNESSES: Low damage auto attacks and hard to hit, Not that good in a 1v1, Provides a lot of utility for his team, but is not a solo carry, Squishy, Susceptible to burst.

FAVOURABLE MAPS AND MODES: Exceptional on maps with lots of walls, flanking spots and holes where you can push the enemies such as - Numbani, Nepal, Lijiang Towers, Ilios, King's Row, Dorado. Best on Control mode, but fit for each mode.

ATTACK / DEFENSE SPECIFICS: Fit for both sides! If you need a reliable support for your team he is the best choice at the current moment.

SYNERGYSES WITH: Basically he is great with any champion. Excels when matched with a good teamfighting composition.

COUNTERED BY: No real counters. Harder to play against Winston, Pharah, McCree.