• Role Support
  • Difficulty
  • Keyword Kill and Heal


Tier: 3


About Moira

Main strengths: Massive heal potential, Great in 1v1s even vs DPS, Great damage output for support, Slippery, Outplay potential, Great ultimate

Main weaknesses: Attracts focus, Has counters, Can not solo heal, Predictable.

Favourable maps and modes: Great on Control mode. Great on maps with closed areas.

Defend / Attack specifics: Moira is equally good on both sides. She needs a proper set up to dominate a game. Great if there are a lot of tanks with her.

Synergises with: Tanks mostly.

Good against: Genji, Tracer, All supports, Soldier.

Countered by: Roadhog, Widowmaker, Mccree, Winston.