• Role Tank
  • Difficulty
  • Keyword Depusher


Tier: 3

About Orisa

MAIN STRENGTHS: High DPS, Environmenta kills and control thanks to Halt, Strong defensive shield, Supercharger is an increadibly strong ultimate if placed properly, Sustainable.

MAIN WEAKNESSES: Low mobility, Big spread and delayed shooting, Huge hitbox, Low health for a tank.

FAVOURABLE MAPS AND MODES: Very good on control point maps and assault/ escort. Much better on Defense, but can work as a decent off-tank Attacker. Ilios, Lijiang, Temple of Anubis, Volskaya are one of the better maps for Orisa.

SYNERGYSES WITH: Soldier 76, Mccree, Reinhardt, Mercy, Bastion, Ana.

COUNTERS: Bastion, Widowmaker, Soldier 76, Pharah, Genji, Sombra, Tracer.