• Role Offense
  • Difficulty
  • Keyword Deadly

Soldier 76

Tier: 3

About Soldier 76

MAIN STRENGTHS: High damage output, Versatile, One of the best Ultimates in the game, Mobile, Good flanker, Durable, A true carry

MAIN WEAKNESSES: Predictable, Requires good positioning & aim, Dies fast if greedy for a kill or in the middle of the fight, Good at everything - best at none

FAVOURABLE MAPS AND MODES: All maps! Exceptional on maps like Hollywood, Numbani that provide a chance for a lot of mid range shooting and enough corners to hide and appear from (flank)! Best at Control and Escort modes!

ATTACK / DEFENSE SPECIFICS: Fit for both roles! Soldier 76 is slightly better as attacker due to the fact that he can surprise the enemies from different locations and approach the fights from more angles. However he is equally deadly on the Defense!

SYNERGISES WITH: Reinhardt, Winston, Zarya, Lucio, Mercy, Zenyatta

COUNTERED BY: Widowmaker (On long range maps), Hanzo (If a good one), Reinhardt, Winston, Mei