• Role Defense
  • Difficulty
  • Keyword One shot - one kill


Tier: 1

About Widowmaker

MAIN STRENGTHS: High range, High damage, Great ultimate, Disruptive, Good as Attack and Defense

MAIN WEAKNESSES: Squishy, Struggles in close fights, Needs to stay in the back almost always, Requires great aim and positioning

FAVOURABLE MAPS AND MODES: Exceptional on long-range maps such as Temple of Anubis, Numbani, Volskaya Industries, Hollywood etc... Best on Capture mode maps, worse on Control.

ATTACK / DEFENSE SPECIFICS: Fit for both sides! She is better as a Attacker (great pick potential), but with proper movement and good positioning can work also as an amazing defender.

SYNERGYSES WITH: Mercy, Zenyatta, + well-rounded frontline to take a part of the enemies attention

COUNTERED BY: A better Widowmaker, Winston, Tracer, Genji, D.Va