• Role Tank (offtank)
  • Difficulty
  • Keyword Graviton


Tier: 1

About Zarya

Main strengths: Good Damage, Hard to kill, Great protector, Good for breaking choke points, One of the best Ults in the game, Synergises with a lot of champions.

Main weaknesses: Low mobility, Team dependent, Low mid-high range damage output, Slow charging ultimate, Very dependent on cooldowns.

Favourtable maps and modes: Good on almost maps and modes (sometimes Roadhog and D.Va are better options though)

Synergises with: All tanks, Ana, Mercy, Zenyatta, Symmetra, Genji, Tracer ... Almost everything

Good against: D.Va, Genji, Torbjorn, Winston, Mccree. Zenyatta, Mercy, Lucio, Ana.

Countered by: Reaper, Reinhardt, D.Va (ult against defense matrix), Mei, Bastion.