What has been happening with HotS lately, Current status of the game, Expected implementations

What has been happening with HotS lately, Current status of the game, Expected implementations

Heroes of The Storm

What has been happening with HotS lately, Current status of the game, Expected implementations

September 27 , 2016


Myboosting has previously talked about a number of things that had to be changed in the game. Some of these quality changes are already a fact and the results are showing.

One of the most important initiatives lately has been the weekly balance updates. There was a lot of fixing of broken heroes and some of the so called OP champs are falling out of favour in the current meta, although still viable and played regualarly. It's a fact that with the release of Li Ming each team was targetting to pick her, it's been like that with number of heroes throughout the last months - Kael'thas, Tyrande etc. All of the so called strong champions have been nerfed and it is possible to play against. New stars are arriving at the scene weekly and it seems like Anub'arak is currently receiving some love.

Another point worth mentioning is the improvement to matchmaking. It is really visible when we perform our HotS boosts, that things have changed quite a bit. The new system is impacting the game really well and on a competitive level the games are pretty well rounded, with little exceptions. Blizzard said that the number of well balanced games is currently around 97% of all games which is an amazing result, considering the state of the game just 2-3 months ago. The fair matching is a key component of the game and it really shows that the developers are taking big steps towards a solid, well-rounded system.

Hero league and Quick matches have received the same reworks and now ppl that like either gametypes can enjoy the game and the more balanced competition.

A number of tournaments have started around the world and are finished/ongoing. The interest towards the game is certainly growing and we are hoping as a Heroes of the Storm boosting organization that it will manage to attract more and more newcomers.

We are still expecting anytype of announcement concerning a date for the official HotS season start. The speculations vary hugely, so there is no need to even try guessing when that is coming. That in our eyes is the biggest down of the game at its current state. It's been so long since the game is opened for everyone and the season is not starting in the near future? Looking at the main competitors of the game - League of Legends, Dota 2 and a few less known MOBAs, we think that it is time that Heroes of the Storm makes it's steps towards conquering the market, or at least be a solid competitor in it. Without Official ranked season that is not going to happen.

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A new hero is coming in the next week - Xul, a necromancer type of champion that might be quite fun to play judging from his talents and skills. (source)

Blizz also announced that they are not done with the balancing and the matchmaking system. Although they said they arent yet prepared to share a lot of insight we dug up some information:

1. Ban option is being tested internally atm.
2. Arhas and Tyches changes are in progress.

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